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How do I subscribe to Weight Watchers magazine? 
To subscribe to Weight Watchers magazine using a credit card, you can order over the phone with the Weight Watchers Customer Service Team by calling 13 19 97 (AU) 0800 009 009 (NZ).  Or you can order directly via our online shop. You can also purchase a magazine

subscription at your meeting using cash or a credit card.

Alternatively you can take up the mag subs offer advertised in the Weight Watchers magazine or go to magshop.com.au for both AU and NZ customers. 

How long will it take for my first magazine to be delivered?
Once you purchase your magazine subscription you should receive an email or a letter to notify you of the delivery of your first issue. Please allow around 2 weeks to receive an email or letter and around 6 weeks to receive your first issue.

You will also receive a renewal notice with the final magazine Issue of your subscription, as a reminder if you wish to continue your magazine subscription with us.

What's Weight Watchers Magazine and should I subscribe?

Subscribe today for countless recipes, inspiring success stories, as well as the latest news and trends on fitness, fashion, and beauty.

Start your subscription today by ordering through the website or by calling 13 19 97 for au or 0800 009 009 for NZ.

I want to report a problem with my magazine subscription.

If you have a question regarding your current subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine, please email Customer Care or call 13 19 97 for AU or 0800 009 009 for NZ. A customer care representative will be happy to address your concerns.

When should I expect my first issue to arrive?

Typically, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to process a Weight Watchers Magazine subscription. If you haven't yet received your first issue of Weight Watchers Magazine after 8 weeks, please call 13 19 97 for AU or 0800 009 009 for NZ.

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