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DIY diet comparison

When choosing a weight loss plan, it's important to find a flexible and liveable weight-loss program that works for you. Compare the different DIY weight-loss diets and programs against WW to see what suits you best.

DIY diet spotlight

They may be making a buzz online and promise to deliver results, but how do diets that require going it alone stack up against healthy lifestyle programs like WW, which is built around science and support?

The list of DIY diets that promise to help you achieve your health and wellness goals is a long and ever-growing one, but few come with ongoing expert guidance or support. Armed with some information that’s written online, published in a book or contained within a free app, you’re wished good luck and left to your own devices. But what happens next?

Studies designed to compare the effectiveness of DIY diets compared to WW don’t come out in favour of DIY diets. In fact, research shows that WW members lose eight times more weight and experience bigger changes in important health markers, compared to people trying to do it on their own. Research also shows that the longer people are WW members for, the better able they are to maintain those results, too.

So, what does WW deliver that DIY diets don’t? There are three qualities that help explain why research proves WW is more effective than the DIY approach.


WW is backed by more than 100 clinical trials that show long-term effectiveness. It’s one of the main reasons WW was recently named as 2021’s number one weight-loss diet, a title it’s won for eleven consecutive years.


The fact that nothing is off limits with WW is key to its success, with research proving that restrictive eating plans aren’t effective long term because they’re not sustainable. Not only is our WW program the most liveable plan in WW history, it took out the number two spot in the ‘easiest to follow’ category, when more than 40 diets were rated against each other earlier this year.


Research proves that receiving ongoing social support is vital for success on a weight-loss and wellness journey, whether it’s the face-to-face or online variety. WW offers both. You can catch up with and draw inspiration from fellow WW members at weekly Workshops or anytime you like on Connect, WW’s supportive online member community.

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