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Virtual Workshops

While we reopen across Australia, these weekly Workshop locations are currently virtual. Join us from your home with the WW app.

Find your Virtual Workshop by location

The direct link takes your to the group on Connect (from a mobile device only, login to the WW App required).








How to attend a Virtual Workshop

  1. Log onto Connect, our members-only community on the WW app, browse groups and find your suburb, then join the group.
  2. Weekly dates + times and the link to your Virtual Workshop will be pinned to the top of the group.
  3. Attend your Workshop via Zoom video conferencing. Simply click the link in your group and your Virtual Workshop is underway.

On the day of your Virtual Workshop


  • Weigh in. In the app, tap your profile at the top right corner on iOS and bottom menu on Android, then tap “Track weight” to weigh-in.
  • Arrive 5 minutes early. If you have any technical issues, here's how to troubleshoot.
  • Read your Weekly Topic in the app and get ready to join the convo!
  • Camera shy? Turn off your video when you enter Zoom or instead of Zoom, use your phone to call the nine-digit number provided.

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