Vegetarian takeaway-style food

Healthy vegetarian takeaway-style recipes

You can make takeaway-style food at home that’s not only delicious but also cheaper and better for you.

Tips for making curries healthier at home

Here are our expert tips and simple swaps to making the restaurant classic curry at home.

For the curry:
• Fill your curry with a good source of protein like legumes and beans. Add lots of crisp vegetables like snow peas and broccoli.
• Add flavour by using fresh ginger, spices and fresh herbs like Thai basil.
• Use a combination of light coconut milk and stock to ensure you’ll still have a rich sauce.

For the rice:
• Try swapping traditional rice for cauliflower rice. Simply put cauliflower through a food processor until finely chopped and then toss in a wok with a little water or oil. Add onion and turmeric for extra flavour.
• Or trade white rice for brown rice for added nutrients.