Wendy got her life back on myWW

Losing 25kg* helped Wendy gain everything from a new job to a new-and-improved family life.

Wendy’s ‘why’

“I joined WW for myself and for my mental health, but also for my children. I didn’t want to miss out on time with my boys, and I didn’t want to keep saying no to things because of my weight. I want to be the mum that’s on the soccer field, cheering, running and helping.”

Q & A with Wendy

3 reasons WW works for Wendy
A way of life

“My taste in food has completely changed thanks to WW. Greasy takeaways don’t entice me anymore – it’s the healthier choices that genuinely appeal to me now.”

Family friendly

“I don’t need to cook several different meals because on WW, the same food I want to eat suits the whole family. My husband has lost 11kg just by eating the same way I do.”

It sticks

“For me, there’s not one single thing that’s been challenging about following myWW. With all the ZeroPoint foods, and the simplicity of everything, you can’t not stick to it.”