Steve's Purple Food Plan Review | WW Australia

Steve turned his health around on myWW

Losing 30kg in six months*, Steve has been given the all clear from his doctor and rediscovered his love for running.

Steve’s ‘why’

“I joined WW when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. But I also wanted to get back into running. In just six months, I not only achieved that goal, I got my health back. My blood tests are back within the normal range so I’m no longer staring down the barrel of diabetes, and I can call myself a runner again.”

Q & A with Steve

What do you love about myWW?


The fact that it’s so flexible. With three different food plans, there’s a way to do it that’ll suit everyone. Rather than being a one-size-fits all, myWW allows me to do the program and lose weight my own way.


You’re on Purple – why is it your perfect fit?


In a nutshell, it’s the simplicity. I’m a shift worker, working 12-hour stints and nightshifts over a four- or five-day period. I can’t take my phone into my workplace and don’t always have internet access so the fact that Purple has more than 300 ZeroPoint™ foods that I don’t have to measure or track is perfect for me. And those ZeroPoint foods also make it really simple to pick healthier choices on the fly.


How has your life changed thanks to myWW?


In so many ways. As well as no longer having to worry about diabetes, I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. Before WW, running was something ‘I used to do’. Now I run 60km a week and as well as really enjoying it, for me, that’s still a pretty amazing feat. The first time I ran 20km without stopping is still my personal ‘wow’ moment.


*Lost weight on prior program and myWW. Weight loss may vary.

Have you had to give up any of your favourite foods?


Nope. I love chocolate freckles, but what I love even more is that on myWW I can still have them. I’m also a huge fan of peanut butter in recipes and I can do that on WW too. My favourite WW recipe is Sticky peanut butter chicken.


Any advice for the guys out there wanting to lose weight?


Don’t hesitate to join WW. If you’ve ever thought WW was more of a women’s club, it’s not. Lots of men are WW members and there’s a lot of support for us guys. Get into a Workshop now – just do it. Everybody in that room has been or is exactly where you are now and will make you feel very welcomed and supported the whole way through your weight-loss journey.

3 reasons WW works for Steve

The app

“The barcode scanner on the app saves me a lot of time grocery shopping. You just point at a barcode to discover a food’s SmartPoints value.”

It’s family friendly

“WW is easy to integrate into my family’s routine. I do most of the cooking at home and everyone is very happy to eat exactly the same meals I do.”

The community

“The WW community is so supportive and non-judgemental. Everybody is there to help each other and to learn from each other.”

Steve’s day on a plate


A three-egg omelette made in the WW Omelette Maker


A garden salad with a tin of tuna


Sticky peanut butter chicken, or a piece of salmon or chicken with vegetables


Wholegrain rice crackers, WW Nibblies or a high-protein flavoured yoghurt pouch (like a YoPro pouch)

Sticky peanut butter chicken

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