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Nikki has lost weight for good on myWW

After years of trying to achieve lasting weight loss, Nikki has finally done it and feels amazing.

Nikki’s ‘why’

“I’ve wanted to lose 8-10kg for a long time, but those kilos were stubborn. I’d lose a bit and then my weight would fluctuate again – no matter what I did, I could never keep it off. After joining WW, I lost my first 3kg in six weeks and was hooked. In six months, I’ve lost more than 8kg* and kept it off. I feel amazing!”

Q & A with Nikki

What do you love about myWW?

It just works. Instead of simply telling you what to eat, you learn to be mindful of your choices and become aware of which are the healthier ones. It really is a lifestyle, not a diet. And because of that, you can still eat your favourite foods. I love that I can still enjoy popcorn when I feel like it and I eat dark chocolate every day.


You’re on Green – why is it your perfect fit?

It’s simple and keeps me accountable. Fruit and vegetables are my ZeroPoint™ foods on Green, which is so handy. And with a generous SmartPoints® Budget to spend, I track everything else. Personally, I like keeping track of everything I eat so that’s why Green suits me so well. 

*Nikki lost weight on prior program and myWW. Weight loss may vary.

How useful is the WW collection of recipes?


The recipes are amazing. My husband, who isn’t a WW member, loves them too. We plan each week by choosing the WW recipes we want to cook, adding them to a whiteboard on the fridge and buying the ingredients we need for the days ahead so we’re prepared. It makes life so easy.


What does the WW community mean to you?


It’s inspiring. Being able to access Connect on my phone through the WW app, and being supported by so many like-minded people whenever I need it has made a huge difference to me. I’m on there every day, connecting with other members or sharing pictures and details of meals I’ve made. I love it.

3 reasons WW works for Nikki

It’s so simple

“There’s nothing complicated or difficult to follow about myWW. It just makes sense. And tracking what I eat using the WW app is so easy to do.”

It’s inexpensive

“You don’t have to buy special food or meals – it’s just real food so as well as never feeling like you’re eating differently to anyone else, it’s not expensive to do.”

It’s travel friendly

“I travel a lot with my work and I can do myWW wherever I am. When I’m away from home all I need is my WW app to plan and choose meals and recipes.”

Nikki’s day on a plate


One slice of Turkish bread topped with an egg, tomato and spinach.


Grilled chicken served with salad leaves, grated carrot, grated beetroot, red capsicum, 6 olives and 30g of feta cheese, and a lemon and mustard dressing.


A stir-fry made from the WW Speedy Stir-fries Cookbook. My favourite WW recipe is Singapore zoodles, made with spiralised zucchini. It’s quick and simple to make and is so fresh and tasty.


Almonds, a hard-boiled egg, cucumber sticks, rice crackers or an apple.

Singapore zoodles

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