Nikki has lost weight for good on myWW

After years of trying to achieve lasting weight loss, Nikki has finally done it and feels amazing.

Nikki’s ‘why’

“I’ve wanted to lose 8-10kg for a long time, but those kilos were stubborn. I’d lose a bit and then my weight would fluctuate again – no matter what I did, I could never keep it off. After joining WW, I lost my first 3kg in six weeks and was hooked. In six months, I’ve lost more than 8kg* and kept it off. I feel amazing!”

Q & A with Nikki

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3 reasons WW works for Nikki
It’s so simple

“There’s nothing complicated or difficult to follow about myWW. It just makes sense. And tracking what I eat using the WW app is so easy to do.”

It’s inexpensive

“You don’t have to buy special food or meals – it’s just real food so as well as never feeling like you’re eating differently to anyone else, it’s not expensive to do.”

It’s travel friendly

“I travel a lot with my work and I can do myWW wherever I am. When I’m away from home all I need is my WW app to plan and choose meals and recipes.”

Nikki’s day on a plate

Singapore zoodles
Singapore zoodles