Lisa got her health
back on myWW

After losing 11kg* in eight months, Lisa Rabbito-Nolen feels healthier and more involved in family life than ever.

Lisa’s ‘why’

“I joined WW to feel healthier because my body was struggling to cope with everyday life. Just climbing the stairs would leave me out of breath and I was taking heartburn medication daily. It was like my body had aged beyond its years. Now, I can climb a flight of stairs with ease and have said goodbye to medication.”

Q & A with Lisa

3 reasons WW works for Lisa
The gluten-free recipes

“So many WW recipes are either gluten free or are really easy to make gluten free. And the WW app means I can look at them on my iPad while I’m cooking."

Eating out is easy

"I’m so proud of how confident I’ve become about making food choices when I’m eating out and ordering off a menu, thanks to WW. SmartPoints and ZeroPoint foods make it simple."

Improved mood

“My WW journey has given me a much more positive outlook on life. I’m generally – and genuinely – happier within myself now."