Stacey Warn
1 on 1 member

“I rode 300km from Sydney to Canberra”

Stacey ended up cycling 300km from Sydney to Canberra. Before, she couldn't even run to the end of her street.

Stacey's weight loss story

Name: Stacey Warn
Weight loss: 17 kg
Was: 84 kg
Now: 67 kg
Height: 1.64 m
Age: 28
How long it took: 52 weeks
How she did it: Weight Watchers 1 on 1 coaching at Myer Lifestyle Cntre at Roselands Shopping Centre, NSW, with Coach Helen Skanavis.

Then & Now

“ As I lost weight I became fitter and ended up cycling from Sydney to Canberra and running half marathons. They’ve been big achievements for me – before, I couldn’t even run to the end of my street. ”

My story...

Fitness was never on my radar. I played a bit of netball at school, but during uni, not eating well and drinking alcohol made me gain weight. I initially joined Weight Watchers to slim down for my wedding, which I did, but as I lost weight I became fitter and ended up cycling from Sydney to Canberra, running half marathons and going to the gym most days. They’ve been big achievements for me – before, I couldn’t even run to the end of my street.

Getting involved

On my Weight Watchers journey I made a commitment to exercise. I started by walking to the end of the street, then slowly increased the distance until I could do 5km fun runs, then half marathons. Last year, before losing weight, I helped organise the first ride between Sydney and Canberra to raise funds for the Stillbirth Foundation, and SIDS and Kids. But there was no way I could even get on a bike, let alone ride 300km. This year, however, after I lost weight for the wedding, I was able to do the ride. It’s been my greatest achievement yet. Since knuckling down and sticking to my exercise routine, I have lots more energy. Being a paramedic, I work 7am to 7pm shifts, which can make it easy not to exercise. It’s a great excuse, because of the hours and the exhaustion, but it’s much easier to do my job now because I’m fitter and can do things like lug equipment around and move fast when I need to.

Support crew

I couldn’t have achieved it all without my husband, Scott. He’s really fit, so he’s my coach, and it’s given us new common ground and helped our relationship. This experience has given me a new lease on life. I wish I could bottle the effects of this huge change and give it to other people!

My favourite ways to stay motivated:

Personal trainer: I need someone who pushes me past my comfort zone and doesn’t let me off.
Fun runs, marathons and charity bike rides: Register early and train towards the event. There are so many, you could be doing one every month if you wanted to.


Stacey's get-fit tips:

Make time to exercise: Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll do it. Yes it’s hard work, but it’s worth it. 
Don’t give up: If you skip one day, don’t throw in the towel and skip the next. It’s harder to exercise after three missed days than it is after just one. 
Be quick: Short, sharp bursts of exercise can work as well as hour-long sessions. Just give your workouts your all.