"Life's too short not to find what makes you happy.”

After losing her dad to cancer, Sharon Rogers lost 25kg in seven months and is now living life to its fullest.

Sharon's weight loss story

Name: Sharon Rogers
Weight loss: 25kg
Was: 89kg
Now: 64kg
Height: 164cm
Age: 47
How long it took: 7 months
How she did it: Group Coaching with Katie Slop in Robina, Qld

Then & Now

Sharon before and now

"I know the things that make me happy and I find time to do them. Life is too short not to.”

Losing her dad was Sharon's trigger moment

Sharon Rogers remembers her first WW meeting very well. It was April 2016, just three months after losing her father to brain cancer. “During his illness I couldn’t even think about losing the weight, even though I knew I needed to do something,” she says. As a busy mum to three – Josh, now 25, Ethan, now 24, and Bethany, now 17 – working full time and caring for her dad, Sharon had little time for herself.

“Losing Dad was my trigger for joining WW,” Sharon admits. “We had already lost my mum 16 years earlier to breast cancer, so I knew I had to start taking care of myself. I knew it was up to me to give myself every opportunity to live a long and happy life and make the most of it.” She knew healthy changes were necessary to ensure she’d be around for her children and future grandchildren.

Joining Group Coaching

It was a friend at work, Tanya, who encouraged Sharon to go along to a Group coaching session. “Tanya had recently rejoined the Program herself and she told me all about the SmartPoints plan. There was also a deal on for a three-month plan and that was all it took to convince me,” she says. Sharon had joined years before that, when her sons were small, and her mum and sister had had success with it in the past. “I knew it worked,” she says.

Sharon Rogers

Referred to a heart cardiologist

At work, Sharon had been experiencing heart palpitations and shortness of breath when climbing stairs. She was referred to a cardiologist for an exercise stress test, but couldn’t complete it due to developing supraventricular tachycardia – a rapid heartbeat caused by normal electrical impulses of the heart being disrupted.

“Before joining the Program, I wasn’t exercising at all,” Sharon admits. “These days, I get up early three or four times a week and walk 5km with a friend, and I look forward to it. Spending the morning that way makes me feel good for the rest of the day. We’ve been known to walk it again in the evenings after work, too.” She often goes to the beach on weekends as well to walk with her son and his dog.

“Since losing the weight I’ve had a complete cardiac risk analysis and passed with flying colours,” says Sharon. “I no longer get breathless taking the stairs at work. In fact, I choose to take them now and it makes me smile to get to the top without losing my breath.”

Feeling fit and healthy

It’s the feeling of being fit and healthy that Sharon enjoys so much. “Even when I’m moving around at work after a long walk and can feel my muscles are a little sore, I don’t mind because it feels good to know why they’re aching and that it’s a good ache!”

New adventures 

Setting her sights on trying new things is all thanks to the confidence Sharon has gained since getting to Goal. “There are a few things I’d like to try this year – the Color Run, stand-up paddle-boarding and the high-ropes course at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.”

Sharon Rogers

No foods are out of bounds

When it comes to food, Sharon loves the fact that nothing is out of bounds. “I can eat at restaurants and celebrate special occasions – it’s all about balance, moderation and portion control.” These days, Sharon’s everyday choices have changed too. While she used to open up a chocolate bar or packet of chips on her 45-minute drive to work each day, these days the processed snacks have been replaced with carrot sticks and grapes. 

"I’ve learned to make healthier choices without having to think about it anymore.”

Happier and more confident

Overall, the biggest plus has been the impact on how she feels. “I’ve been at Goal since November last year, and I’ve noticed such an improvement in my self-esteem and body image, which feels amazing,” says Sharon. “I’m happier and more confident. I used to avoid going to the beach, even for a walk, because I felt uncomfortable. I wouldn’t wear shorts and I didn’t like sleeveless tops. I hated clothes shopping because I disliked what I saw in the mirror. "

"Now I’ve dropped four dress sizes and I loved shopping for a whole new wardrobe!”

Sharons' support network

“My friend Tanya was the one who encouraged me to join WW last year. Sharing our journeys and tips with each other has been a great support. My two close friends and I all go to our meeting together; we celebrate each other’s milestones and share a laugh along the way, and our Coach Katie is fun-loving and bubbly – there’s never a dull moment! My husband, kids and sister have also been a great support. I know they’re all very proud of me and I feel so lucky to have them all.”

"Surrounding yourself with people who believe in your journey is key to success."