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"I lost weight for my wedding"

This inspiring slimmer lost 18.4kg to become the bride she always dreamed of being – healthy, happy and slim for her big day.

Natasha's weight loss story

Name: Natasha Guarino
Weight loss: 18.4kg
Was: 88.7kg
Now: 70.3kg
Height: 1.7m
Age: 34
How long it took: 36 weeks 
How she did it: Group Coaching in Beaudesert, Qld with Coach Tanya Teese

Then & Now

​“ The moment I walked down the aisle and heard the gasps – that was amazing! ”

My Story...

The moment I walked down the aisle and heard the gasps – that was amazing! Many people hadn’t seen me in the nine months of my weight-loss journey, so the way I looked was quite a surprise and it felt fantastic. I looked straight at Jess at the end of the aisle and his eyes were glistening – I have that picture as the wallpaper on my phone.

On my wedding day I ended up being smaller than the size 12 I set as my goal, so the lacing at the back of the dress had to be pulled as tight as it could go. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting married as a size 10 – I never thought it was possible.

When we got engaged I was a size 16 and nothing looked good on me. I was dressing much older than my age and wearing whatever was big enough for me, not what I liked. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and I didn’t want to attract any attention. I tried to lose weight by exercising but it obviously wasn’t working. I was complaining to my old school friend, Tanya, that I’d been exercising every day for six weeks and had only lost 400g. She said, ‘Did you know I’m a Weight Watchers Coach?’ and that was it!

As soon as I got home that day I went to the Weight Watchers website and got the biggest shock. I knew I was carrying too much weight but when I calculated my BMI it was in the obese range. I said, ‘I’m not obese!’ and calculated it again. Same result. So I joined on the spot and started going to meetings the next day.

Pretty soon I realised my portion sizes and the love of red wine Jess and I share were my main problems. I had no idea how badly I was eating. So when I started tracking, and stopped drinking wine every night, the exercise I was doing started to have an effect.

Now I wear what I want – and bring on the spandex, I say! My weight loss has opened so many doors for me, and I’m doing so much I never imagined I would, or could. Not only did I take up Zumba, I became an instructor and I’ve been training for a half marathon, too. As my husband says, ‘The girl I asked to marry me said, ‘I don’t run and I don’t wear short skirts.’ And I’m very glad that she now does both!’ – and I am too!

Natasha Guarino

Natasha’s weight loss tips

Listen up brides to be: Give yourself at least 12 months to reach your Goal. Don’t leave it until six months before the wedding because that’s when the stress is at its highest.
Set a goal: Decide what you’ll be happy with on your wedding day. I was really happy to be a size 12, but I ended up being a 10 – that was a bonus!
Believe that it works: Trust that the SmartPoints Plan works and don’t deprive yourself. If there’s something you love, work it into your Plan. If I’d lost after my weekly weigh-in, I’d have a glass of wine.