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"My life is getting better and better!"

Michelle has travelled along the Weight Watchers road for six years and has arrived at her destination with a healthy toolkit for the rest of her life.

Michelle's weight loss story

Name: Michelle Booth
Weight loss: 20.6kg
Was: 84.8 kg |​ Now: 64.2 kg
Height: 1.68 m |​ Age: 21
How long it took: 6 years 
Method: Group coaching at Riverstone, NSW with Coach Sonu Sodhi.

“ I think it’s really important with young children to start their healthy eating habits as early as possible – it gets much harder to change when you’re older. ”

Then & Now

My story…

Starting high school 
When I started high school I hit puberty and quickly put on a lot of weight. I’d buy lunch from the canteen at least every second day and would have a pie, a chicken burger or noodles. I’d also buy chocolate and lollies, then come home every afternoon and eat ice-cream. I’d get Mum to write letters to the school to be excused from sport or I’d deliberately leave my sports clothes at home because I didn’t want to participate. I didn’t feel confident in myself.

My light-bulb moment 

I really wanted to lose weight for the school formal but my light-bulb moment was a combination of things. My school uniform didn’t fit anymore and I didn’t like how I looked in the mirror. Size 14 was getting too tight and I’d just bought a pair of size 16 jeans. Mum and I were driving home one day and I said, ‘I’d like to join Weight Watchers’. Mum had done Weight Watchers in the past and said that she’d been thinking about joining again, as well. She joined Weight Watchers to help me and we haven’t looked back.

Goal 1: To shine at a big party

My aim was to lose 10kg for the formal. Mum and I changed our eating habits straight away, bulking up meals with more vegetables. I started tracking and Mum and I would stay for every meeting because that’s where we’d gain the most motivation for the week. We’d go for a walk every night and talk about our goals, what we were doing and any new ideas we had. And even now, when I’m on holidays I go to meetings to stay motivated. Originally I’d bought a size 14 dress for the formal but I’d reached my ‘lose 10kg’ target and it was too big! I had to take it back to get a size 12. That was really exciting and made me feel pretty great.

Goal 2: To enjoy life’s milestones

After I achieved my first 10kg loss, I maintained it for a few years. Although I’d been on the Program for three years, I wasn’t in the right headspace: I wasn’t motivated. I got in the right mindset again last year and set myself a new weight-loss goal: to be 70kg on my 21st birthday. I’ve kept tracking, and that’s helped me reach my new personal goal of 64kg. While I’ve been on my journey, my friends and I have all turned 18 and 21. I’ve seen a lot of people go through weight changes because they were drinking a lot of alcohol. At parties I’d be thinking, ‘Wow, that’s so many SmartPoints values!’ I’m glad I started Weight Watchers at an early age because I’m now really mindful of that.

Goal 3: To be a good role model

I really get a lot out of encouraging other people to live healthier lifestyles. I’ve recently become an aunty, and I want to be a good role model for my new niece. I want to support and encourage her to live a healthy, active lifestyle and to make better choices. I think it’s really important with young children to start their healthy eating habits as early as possible – it gets much harder to change when you’re older. I feel like I’m currently living the best stage of my life. Everything that surrounds me day to day is really positive and life keeps getting better and better. Today, I love my body and accept it for how it is.

Michelle Booth

How Michelle keeps it off...

  1. At school no one knew I was following Weight Watchers except for one friend. I would track my breakfast and what was in my lunch box before I went to school – I still do that for my work lunches.
  2. Track everything and weigh and measure your food. I still weigh my cereal and measure my milk each day.
  3. Find an exercise you enjoy. For me it’s going for a walk or a jog. It clears my head and I feel great afterwards.
  4. I’ve only ever missed a handful of meetings in the six years of being a Weight Watchers member. Even when I’m on holidays I’ll go to a meeting if I can. I look up one in the local area through the Weight Watchers website.
  5. If you really want a treat, just have it. If I go out with my boyfriend for Chinese, I’ll make a healthy choice but that will be my eating out for the week. I’ll make it special.
  6. Never, never give up! I’ve been on this journey for six years and I’ve never given up. Remember that each day is a step closer to your goals.