"I learned how to change a lifetime of bad eating habits"

Turning 40 triggered Paul's weight-loss journey. He tried 1 on 1 Coaching and never looked back.

Paul's weight loss story

Name: Paul Smith
Weight loss: 23.3 kg
Was: 108.8 kg | Now: 85.5 kg
Height: 1.88 m | Age: 43
How long it took: 28 weeks
Method: With Coach Brian Grainger, 1 on 1 at Carindale, Qld.

Then & Now

“ One of the first things I learnt was how to say ‘no’. I’d spent my twenties bending over backwards for everybody else, but I realised I was just as important. ”

Paul's Story…

Paul looked to his future as a way to move away from his past. “I was turning 40, my wife was pregnant and my kids asked me if I had a baby in my tummy like Mummy did! I started wondering what my forties were going to look like if I didn’t lose weight: probably not so fabulous,” he says. “I’d heard about 1 on 1 Coaching at the Weight Watchers Lifestyle Centre at Myer. Tailor-made appointments appealed to me, so I walked in, joined and was assigned Brian as my Coach.”

“Together we worked through a lifetime of my bad eating habits, such as clearing my plate even if I wasn’t hungry to not waste any food, as well as learning how to manage eating with exercise – I was no longer the active high schooler I was 25-odd years before!” says Paul.

Brian’s practical strategies were the key to Paul’s success. “Brian’s solution-oriented. He taught me how to tackle my problem areas like sweets and smorgasbords, by telling me to eat only what I’d planned for and not go back for extras. The strategies worked, and when I told Brian he was excited for me,” says Paul. “Brian was so talented, adapting the Program to my needs. One of the ways he did this was with the ‘J-Score’ or ‘Junk food score’,” Paul says.

“Paul and I both have a wicked sweet tooth!” explains Brian. “I knew exactly how he felt, so we worked on allocating some SmartPoints values a day to treats, particularly when he was tapering into the maintenance section of the Program.” Like any successful relationship, trust and honesty are important. “I trusted Brian, and because I wanted results, I was honest with him,” says Paul. “I laid everything out on the table, and he was very accepting and encouraging. Without Brian I’d probably be a lot heavier and would doubt my ability to achieve any goals in life. I also don’t think I’d be as positive as I am today. Brian showed me that nothing is impossible or too difficult.” “Paul took responsibility for himself and was honest. It’s been awesome to see his achievements,” Brian says.

"Brian showed me that nothing is impossible or too difficult".

Brian and PaulPaul and his Coach Brian.

Paul's top tips:

Aim for one: Go to every Coaching session with the aim of picking up one new idea or tip. I always got something out of it that way, and it helped having that as a mini goal each week.

Join in: The more you share, the more help you’ll get. You have everything to lose regarding your weight, but nothing to lose by learning good habits.

Create a support team: Tell the people close to you exactly why your weight loss matters to you and enlist their support. The more people you tell, the more help you can get.