"I ran my first marathon "

Losing weight was just the start of Endre Iberer’s journey. Having already completed one marathon, he’s now training to take on his next one in New York.

Endre Iberer's weight loss story

Name: Endre Iberer
Weight loss: 21.5kg
Was: 98.1kg | Now: 76.6kg
Height: 174cm | ​Age: 59
How long it took: 6 months
Method: Group Coaching with Cheryl Courtice

Then & Now

Endre Iberer

"I’m turning 60 next year but I feel like a 40 year old."

I was the biggest I'd ever been

My wife Vicky and I were driving home from a family barbecue when I commented that her brother had gained weight. I said, “I’m not as fat as him, am I?” She replied, “No, you’re fatter”. That was on a Sunday evening, and by Thursday night I was at my local Group Coaching location.

One of my colleagues was a Coach so I had some idea of what to expect, but when I walked in and was surrounded by women, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. I realised quickly it wasn’t an issue, though. The meetings were a support group.

Weight loss brought out the competitive streak in me

When I first stood on the scales, I couldn’t believe I weighed 98.1kg – I’d never been that big. I had to lose almost 22kg and I took that as a challenge – it brought out the competitive streak in me. In my first week I lost 3.4kg, which gave me confidence in the Program. I realised if I kept setting little goals, I might achieve something that, at first, seemed as likely as me climbing Mount Everest.

Early morning walks gets me ready for the day 

I started getting involved in the grocery shopping and cooking at home. I set my alarm for 5am every morning to go for a walk, too. Often I’d still be half asleep by the time I was actually outside, but it set me up for the day. I didn’t want to have woken up that early only to blow it by stuffing my face later in the day.

I ran my first marathon

Six months later I reached Goal, and not long after that I started jogging. The first time was a cold morning and, through no conscious effort, my legs started running! I made it about 50m before doubling over, but I wanted to continue. So I downloaded the Couch to 5k app, which teaches you to run 5km. From there, I registered for a 10km fun run and when I met a 74-year-old former marathon runner who was still running, I thought, “I want to be this guy, still running in 20 years”. I ran my first marathon last year and am booked to run the New York marathon in November.

I have gained confidence and self-esteem

I’ve experienced a lot of surprising side benefits from losing weight, like gaining confidence and self-esteem, and feeling better about my future. I’ve also started a fantastic new job, and my concentration and memory are better. I’m turning 60 next year but I feel like a 40 year old. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Endre Iberer

Endre's top weight loss tips

1. Don't look back. 
Even if you’ve fallen into bad habits, turn up to your meeting and start a new week fresh.

2. Switch off.
After dinner, I switch off my phone so I know I can’t track any more: if I can’t track it, I can’t eat it.

3. Press pause. 
I imagine an invisible pause button on my forehead and when I’m faced with food choices, I press it and ask myself if I need it right now, or whether I need such a large portion.

4. Use your weight-loss lessons.
I apply the Weight Watchers principles to my running by creating a support network, setting goals, keeping track, planning and having a mentor.