"I feel like I’m ageing backwards"

Chris Holtz made his weight-loss journey a competition with his wife once he saw how passionate she became about living a healthier life.

Chris' weight loss story

Name: Chris Holtz
Weight loss: 34.8 kg
Was: 113.5 kg |​ Now: 78.7 kg
Height: 1.84 m |​ Age: 33
How long it took: 11 months
Method: Group Coaching at Petrie, Qld, with Coach Colby Crouch

 Then & Now

“ I went to Group Coaching with my wife and was a bit daunted by the fact I was the only male in the room, but everyone was so friendly. ”

My Story...

At the age of 19 I joined the army and for the eight years I was there, I trained hard and ate big. I left at 27 and became a garbage truck driver, but I kept eating big and didn’t train.

I knew I needed to lose weight but I thought I could do it myself. I’d starve myself and go for a run but then I’d be shattered. I’d last three days and give up.

My kids are 10 and 8, and I used to find any excuse not to play with them. I felt guilty and angry with myself because I always thought having kids would motivate me to lose weight, but that didn’t work.

My wife Karen joined Weight Watchers, and when she came home from her first meeting looking really excited, I knew I wanted to join, too. She didn’t need to nag me – I saw how great she felt and that was my trigger point.

I went to a meeting with her and was a bit daunted by the fact I was the only male in the room, but everyone was so friendly. I kept quiet for the first few meetings, but after I started seeing results I began to contribute.

I used to drink two litres of cola a day and for the first few days on the Program I had headaches and sugar cravings. But I knew I had to stick to it if I wanted to be as happy and determined as Karen was the night she came home from her meeting.

It then became a competition between us to see who could lose the most each week! That definitely kept me motivated. Karen only had 8kg to lose, so she got to Goal about five months before me. But we just kept the routine going and I eventually got there, too.

Another way I stayed motivated was making a pact to take the family to Wet ‘n’ Wild once I hit Goal. I used to hate the beach: I avoided it and would get moody because I never wanted to take my top off or wear a skin-tight rashie. But when I reached Goal, I kept my promise – we went to Wet ‘n’ Wild and had a great time – and yes, I took off my shirt!

Now I feel so much younger, like I’m ageing backwards! These days I don’t lose my breath when I jump out of the garbage truck to move bins and I love playing with my kids. We’re known as the ‘family who’s always on the move’ to our friends because we’re constantly going hiking and roller-skating together.

One day my daughter looked at me and said, ‘You look great, Dad’. It was the best compliment ever.

Chris Holz

Chris’s weight-loss tips

Break the fast: I get up at 3.30am for work, and I know I need breakfast to get my metabolism going. I make myself an omelette the night before so I can easily reheat it before I head out the door.
Eat more, lose more: I learnt to add salad ingredients to sandwiches and eat snacks such as yoghurt. I found I was eating more, but losing weight.
Challenge yourself: Make your weight loss a competition with the scales – or someone else! – to stay motivated.
Meet for Maintenance: I still weigh in at my meetings every month because it means I have to face the scales. If I did it at home I’d put it off, but this way if I’ve had a gain, I know I have to go back there next week to compete with those scales again!