"After joining WW I discovered pole-dance fitness"

After struggling with depression and associated weight-gain, Meg Davies discovered confidence boosting hobbies and a newfound zest for life.

Meg's weight loss story

Name: Meg Davies
Weight loss: 28.7kg
Was: 96.4kg
Now: 67.7kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 30
How long it took: 2 years
How she did it: Group Coaching followed by Online Coaching

Then & Now Meg before and after weight loss

I gained 20kg in my mid 20s

I’ve dealt with depression and a roller-coaster of treatment since I was a teenager. After starting a new medication when I was 25, I put on 20kg in a short amount of time. I had no confidence, couldn’t dress the way I wanted, was self-conscious going out and felt like I couldn’t be myself. I was working for a large law firm as a paralegal, reporting to a lot of people – it was a high-stress environment and there was a lot of comfort-eating involved. When I finally changed careers, I was inspired to do something about my weight. It was much less stressful, my depressive symptoms started to go away and I slowly weaned myself off the medication.

Meg portrait

I found weight loss difficult on my own

I really wanted to lose weight but found it difficult to do on my own. I was impatient for results and frustrated with myself. So when a friend who’d had success with WW suggested I give it a go, I went to my first meeting. It was an eye-opening experience! One of the most interesting changes has been my portion sizes – I had no understanding of just how much I was eating. My biggest portion distortions were with pasta and rice – I’d eat two or three times as much as I should have been, which astounded me. I also had to learn patience. I wanted a quick fix and it took me a while to accept that for it to be sustainable, it was going to take time. Seeing those little losses snowball and gradually become bigger really improved my confidence.

Discovering pole-dance fitness was liberating

Two months after I joined WW I discovered pole-dance fitness. The first class was daunting because I was the largest girl there. I barely made it through the warm-up because it was  such high intensity – but I love dancing and being able to move without being judged immediately made me feel more confident. It was a very liberating experience. I’ve since discovered aerial hoop classes and I’m hooked! When you start pole dancing, it’s like being an onion: in the beginning, you wear your normal gym clothes and over time you peel off the layers. It takes courage to embrace wearing only a crop top and booty shorts.

Meg loves pole fitness classes

I've boosted my self-esteem and body confidence 

Since I started my weight-loss journey, I feel so much more positive and confident within myself. I’ve made heaps of friends through my pole and hoop classes – I love hanging out with them. Being in the studio is a wonderful environment and fantastic stress-relief, too – it’s definitely my happy place. Since losing weight and taking up these classes, my strength and stamina have increased, which in turn has had a positive impact on my self-esteem and body confidence. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that I used to have really bad posture – I don’t know if it was an attempt to hide myself. It took me a while to realise that I can stand tall and proud.

meg after weight loss

My before and After Food Diary

  Before After
Breakfast None Every day! Usually a yoghurt and a banana.
Lunch Two or three ham and full-fat cheese toasted sandwiches with butter Tuna and salad wholegrain sandwich with a salad with a dash of vinegar
Dinner A large portion of pasta Grilled lean meat with salad and a small portion of rice or potato
Dessert Half to a full block of chocolate Two squares of dark chocolate per night – only the good stuff! Snacks: An apple and a cup of tea

Meg's top weight loss tips

Meg’s mindset changed on the journey – follow her take-care tips.

1. Get out of your comfort zone 
It’s always good to challenge yourself. I joined aerial hoop on a whim because I was frustrated with my progress on the pole, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

2. Be patient 
Your body conidence will grow with every success you have along the way. Just don’t expect it to happen overnight. Take little steps, and before long you’ll appreciate just how far you’ve come.

3. Rely on your support team 
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ve always been very self-suicient so it took me a long time to muster up the courage to say, ‘Hang on – I can’t do this on my own.’ My family and friends have been really supportive and the new friends I’ve made along the way have really helped to push me further. When you’re surrounded by love it’s easier to feel love for yourself – you deserve it!