"I've tracked for over 10 years"

WW Senior Food Editor Lucy Kelly has maintained her weight loss for over 15 years.

Lucy's weight loss story

Name: Lucy Kelly
Weight loss on previous program: 7kg in 6 weeks 
Weight loss on Your Way+: lost 5kg of 6kg post-holiday weight gain 
Was: 67kg | Now: 60kg
Height: 170cm | Age: 57
How she did it: Group Coaching in Mosman, NSW.
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Then & Now

Lucy before and now

"I love cooking and wanted to be in charge of what I ate so WW was a perfect fit." 

A life long passion for food

Food has always been my passion and I’ve worked as a food editor for many years. When my four children were young I worked from home so I could have more time with them. I did a lot of recipe developing, editing, cooking for photo shoots and styling recipes at home.

My trigger moment was getting on the scales and realising how much weight I’d gained from tasting all the yummy food I was preparing! It became apparent that I needed a plan to keep my weight in check or it would quickly get out of hand. My mum and sister were WW members, so I decided to join, too.

To me, WW is the only weight-loss company that teaches you how to make changes so you can lose the weight healthily. As I love cooking and wanted to be in charge of what I ate, WW was a perfect fit. The first time I signed up, I lost the weight but I didn’t do the maintenance part of the Program – huge mistake! The weight crept back on. So, I signed up again.


Learning to break unhealthy habits

After I became a member I realised how many little bad habits I had that were driving the scales up; things like munching on a packet of chips as I did the supermarket shopping. I realised I needed to cut back on my wine (sadly!) and halve my portion sizes.

Instead of two pieces of toast, I’d have one. I switched to wholegrain bread instead of wholemeal, and I swapped white rice for brown or basmati. I also started preparing leaner cuts of protein – French-trimmed lamb cutlets or back strap, sirloin or rump steak, chicken breasts, pork and fish fillets.

For lunch, I steered clear of sandwiches or sushi (and still do) and go for big salads or a soup. My breakfast is much healthier now, too – fruit, yoghurt, nuts and seeds or eggs and vegies on toast.


Lucy Kelly

"I also know what it’s like to have children, hold down a job and still have to put dinner on the table. "


Preventative health is important

For my personal journey, the mindset pillar is the most important of the three (Food, Move and Mindset). It’s the one that gives me the motivation to stay healthy. I want to feel good in my own skin, be energetic, get plenty of sleep, reduce my stress and find time to relax. Looking after myself helps me achieve all of those things.

Preventative health is also important to me – my family has a long history of heart disease and cancer. I know that eating less red meat and more fruit and vegetables gives me the best chance to ward off chronic disease.


Creating recipes for WW

In 2006, when I had been at Goal for more than four years, I started working at WW. I was still tracking regularly and being on the Program gave me a deeper insight into the needs of our members. When it comes to work, our members are always at the top of my mind. I’m always asking myself, ‘Would this help me as a member?’ Or, ‘Would this be annoying?’.

I think our members want quick, easy, healthy meals with ingredients that are readily available. As much as I love cooking an elaborate meal, I also know what it’s like to have children, hold down a job and still have to put dinner on the table. Preparing a weeknight meal can’t be a long, drawn-out event.

Lucy Kelly

"Once I reached Goal the second time I was diligent about tracking for six weeks - in fact, I tracked for 10 more years."


WW has been my saviour

I’ve had other pressures in my life since losing weight. In 2012 my son Louis was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour and he passed away very suddenly after four and a half months. He was only 19 years old. It was devastating. I did a lot of fundraising for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, but I couldn’t shake the sadness.

I was severely depressed and starting therapy in early 2016 has helped me come to terms with the pain of losing Louis and to find some peace in my life. Working at WW has, in a sense, been my saviour. It has kept me busy and I’ve had a positive mission to focus on – I love my job and helping others. I enjoy creating delicious healthy meals for our members. It’s a privilege to be just a small part of so many people’s lives.


What Lucy loves about Your Way+

I seem to have lost weight slowly but steadily but on the new program I can still indulge in a few glasses of wine a week and a couple of sweet treats while still slowly losing weight. I am a slow and steady wins the race kind of gal.

lucky cooking healthy food

A few of Lucy's recipe creations. Follow her foodie adventures on Instagram at  @lucykelly123.