Leah got her spark back

After becoming a mum of two, Leah felt like she’d lost her spark. Now her entire family is benefiting from her new healthier lifestyle.

Leah, Workshop + Digital, Lost 17kg


In Leah’s words:

Before having kids, I always had this get-up-and-go about me— a sort of sparkle. But then I had two babies within two years of each other. During my second pregnancy I gained 40kg. It was hard because I’d been a dance teacher who was pretty fit and healthy—I’d never been a person with a weight problem.

I felt like I’d lost my sparkle. I didn't want to be the mum who sat on the sidelines and watched her kids. I wanted to be in the action—to wrestle with my kids, take them to the park, swing on the swings, and go down the slide. I wanted to find me again, to get up every morning and be motivated to start the day.

When my son was six weeks old, I thought, “That’s it, I’m doing something about this.” It was the first of July, but I treated it like New Year’s Day: a chance to make a fresh start. I headed to a WW workshop, and I've never looked back.


Leah’s fresh start


Making WW fit with a new-mum lifestyle

When I first walked into my local WW Workshop, I was breastfeeding Maison, who is now 4, and my oldest son Chace, now 6, was a toddler. I knew the program had to fit into our routines.

At first, exercise meant going for a walk once a week with a friend. I began adapting our meals using WW cookbooks, and my whole family fell in love with the recipes. It's great that you can customise everything. You don't have to follow a meal plan: If you want to eat out or make your favourite pasta, you can. You just learn how to fit it into your day and your lifestyle, and find out what works for you. It doesn't end in six weeks or twelve weeks. It's something that becomes your lifestyle.

Finding her groove

About six months after joining WW, I woke up with a new drive and determination.  I started taking the boys for 5km walks every day, stopping at a playground halfway so they could play. Once the kids were in bed, I’d follow aerobics videos, and I always made sure I reached my goal of 10,000 steps a day.

I'd danced all my life and had always loved it, so I went back to dance classes. It took me a little while to find my groove again but I enjoy it! For me, it's a social outing where I can connect with my friends and have a bit of me time.

How Leah’s success with WW has improved her life


Since starting WW, my mindset has totally changed. If I run out of SmartPoints®, instead of telling myself, “Just eat what you want and start again tomorrow," I know I’ve got ZeroPoint™ foods that I can go to.

I’ve also become a WW Coach and work on the customer care team. What I love most is meeting members—they inspire and motivate me.

Now that I've got my energy and sparkle back, it's brought my family closer. We're always doing things together like going to the park and riding bikes.

I’ve also noticed my new habits are rubbing off: My youngest son loves his vegetables and fruit, and when I exercise in front of the TV, the boys join in! One day, I walked into our lounge and Chace was doing exercises with my little hand weights. He said, "Mum, I’m getting fit and healthy." I know what I do will help my kids have a healthier lifestyle as they get older.


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