"The first time in my life I can say I love my body."

For these two sisters and WW coaches, Lauren (L) and Megan, a little sibling rivalry goes a long way when it comes to getting healthy.

Lauren & Megan's weight loss story

Name: Lauren Hilton
Weight loss: 32.6kg
Was: 95.8kg
Now: 63.2kg
Height: 169cm
Age: 30
How long it took: 6 months
How she did it: Group Coaching at Toowoomba, Qld, with Coach Narelle Nolan-Shore.
Name: Megan Green
Weight loss: 25kg
Was: 89kg
Now: 64kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 32
How long it took: 6 months
How she did it: Group Coaching at Toowoomba, Qld, with Coach Narelle Nolan-Shore.


Then & Now
Lauren and Megan before and after

My clothes stopped fitting 

According to Lauren (left), she was living in a world of denial. When her size-14 shorts stopped fitting, she refused to buy a larger pair and instead used a hair tie to reach around the button and hold them up. For a friend’s wedding, she squeezed into a dress she knew was too small. “There was no way I was going to buy a size 16!” says Lauren. It wasn’t until she was standing in the kitchen with her older sister Megan (right) while they were both eating a large pizza and garlic calzone, when Lauren started complaining to Megan about her weight woes.

“She was talking, but I just grabbed my belly and said, ‘Yeah, well beat this!’” says Megan, who’d had her first child just months earlier. It was at that moment that both girls knew they had to do something. “I mentioned to Megan that a woman at work had joined WW and she said, ‘Let’s hook it up!’”

“We decided to sign up together, as a team,” says Megan. “But let’s be honest, we finished our pizzas first!” jokes Lauren.

Joining together

At their first WW meeting, Lauren was terrified. “Walking through those doors was scary! I thought my weight would be in the 80kgs but to learn it was in the 90kgs – I could have cried!” She knew she never wanted to feel like that again. Once they got settled in the Program, Lauren and Megan’s sibling rivalry came to the fore and spurred them along every step of the way. Like most sisters, their competitiveness is as fierce as their love for each other. When Megan had a good loss, Lauren was determined to beat her the next week.

Our support network

“The first question we’d ask each other was, ‘Did you lose?!’” The girls would use each other’s successes to motivate them for the following week. “Looking back, losing the weight was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done,” says Lauren. But with the love and support of each other and their husbands, Lauren and Megan reached their Goals in just six months. “I was surprised at how quickly the weight came off!” says Lauren.

For the sisters, it wasn’t until they got to Goal that they realised how important their husbands’ support had been. “Every week, at meetings, we’d get texts from our husbands to ask how we went. We didn’t realise the significance of it until we reached Goal and thought, ‘Wow – they’ve been there every step of the way,’” says Lauren.

“We wouldn’t have made it to the end if they hadn’t supported us like they did through all of our tracking, recipe building and emotions!” 

We were never particularly active

Before WW the sisters weren’t particularly active. “Neither of us even walked, let alone ran prior to starting this journey. Losing weight has unlocked a whole different part of our lives that we can’t believe we kept hidden,” says Lauren.

“A couple of years ago I decided to take up running. At first I couldn’t run to the end of my street,” admits Megan. But she set herself a task of being able to run just one kilometre nonstop. “I practised in my street. Each week I had to run to the bottom and up to the first street light. en the following week, the next pole and so on until I could do it. Eighteen months later I ran my first 10km. My next goal is a half-marathon,” says Megan.

Running isn’t Lauren’s thing, though. “Megan loves the alone time she gets from running, whereas I’m all about energy and noise.” says Lauren. “Spin classes and anything loud with lots of people is more my scene!”

Kicking goals 

For Lauren and Megan, losing weight isn’t about being perfect. “We look in the mirror and we’re happy – we know we aren’t perfect. Megan has had two beautiful boys and I have a few dimples on the thighs, but that’s life!” says Lauren, who jokes that she’d rather lose weight from her hips than from her boobs! “Why is that always the first thing to go?!”

Thigh dimples or not, one thing’s for sure, both sisters’ confidence has gone through the roof. “I used to hate seeing photos of myself and now I’m a self-professed selfie-queen! I’m proud of how I look and for me, that’s a big win!” says Lauren.

“I feel so much more confident in my skin. For the first time in my life I can say I love my body and I’m proud to say I earned it.” says Megan.

Lauren and Megan

Becoming WW Coaches

After they reached Goal, Lauren and Megan were asked if they were interested in becoming Coaches. “It felt wonderful knowing we could help others on their journey,” says Megan. Both sisters have learned how to make the right choices for their bodies. “We have a healthy relationship with food now. We know what our bodies need to be healthy and, most importantly, how to maintain our new healthy lifestyle,” says Lauren.

“We walk the walk and talk the talk for our members – we wouldn’t be where we are without them. I often say that although they think they need us – the truth is that Megan and I need them far more.” says Lauren.