"10 things I love about me"

Jaime Scholten’s natural confidence went into hiding until she lost 19kg and gained her bubbly outlook back.

Jaime's weight loss story

Name: Jaime Scholten
Weight loss: 19 kgs
Was: 93 kg
Now: 74 kg
Height: 1.73 m
Age: 29
How long it took: 8 months 
How she did it: Group Coaching at Ashmore, Qld with Kyla Thoms.

Then & Now

“ I have room on either side of the car seat now – I used to touch the centre console and the door! ”

1: I regained my confidence

Once I got to Goal, I thought, “Yes, I’m back!” I’ve always been confident and bubbly, but that was just hibernating for a while. When I was overweight, I was pretending all the time. I’d put a smile on my face because that’s how people knew me, but I didn’t feel I had a right to smile. I didn’t think I had anything to be happy about. The final straw was getting McDonald’s Drive Thru one day and my brother said, “Do you really need that?” I’d had enough of making excuses, so I joined Weight Watchers. Now the weight is gone it’s not hard to be me again.

2: I say yes

I used to say no to so many things when I was overweight. I’d always say no to going to the beach or going out with friends because it was always too hard or I was too tired or too lazy. I said no so much because I was uncomfortable with myself. I would never have been as busy as I am now when I was bigger – it’s because I’m saying yes to things more often!

3: Sore no more

I’m a retail manager, so I’m on my feet all day. But I no longer get a sore back and sore legs like I used to. It’s easier now to get my 10,000 steps a day, too. I walk around the living room at 9pm to clock them up if I have to!

4: I feel 10 years younger

The last time I was 74kg I was 19. I look in the mirror now and see a few lines here and there, but I feel as good and as energetic as I did when I was 19. I haven’t felt this energetic for a long time.

5: It’s easier to play with my kids

Being able to get on and off the floor when I’m playing with my kids is amazing. When I was bigger, I’d never get up off the floor to get anything, but now I can.

6: I’m in control

I still go out for dinner, but I have control in knowing what I can order. My go-to dish is chicken, meat or fish with steamed vegetables – it’s the safe option. On a menu it usually tells you how much the steak weighs, but if I’m getting chicken or fish I’ll ask the waiter so I know what to track.

7: I don’t hide anymore

I used to wear a lot of muu-muus and I covered up whenever I could. Now I can wear swimmers! I never wore them before – I always used to swim in T-shirts and shorts, and they were my husband’s shorts because they fit me better!

8: I can give the right advice

When I see people I haven’t seen in a long time, they say, “Oh my God, what are you doing to look like that? Get me on that!” Now I’ve lost the weight I feel confident to give advice to others and give them sound advice. I tell them you have to be ready in your own mind to lose weight.

9: I’m a student…

I was never educated about food. My soft spot is potatoes and when I was pregnant with my son Chase, who’s now 7 years old, I put on 35kg eating potatoes, takeaway, fried foods and lots of pasta. I thought, “If I’m going to get fat anyway, I may as well eat whatever I want!” But now I weigh and measure everything – my kitchen scales are on the bench where I can see them! And I actually don’t need as much food as I once thought.

Jaime Scholten

10: ... And a teacher

Chase and my daughter Ruby, 2, see me weighing out all our food and we don’t have a cupboard full of junk. They know that ‘sometimes food’ is ice-cream on the weekend and they know that you have fruit and vegetables as snacks before having chocolate. They understand the difference.