"Even though it’s not always a steady path, it’s worth the journey."

WW member and Wellness Coach has completely changed her life – she’s happy, healthy and loving it. One thing is clear: she did it for herself.

Jade's journey to a healthier lifestyle

Name: Jade Zuccala
Weight loss: 34.2 kg
Was: 87.2 kg | Now: 53 kg
Height: 1.62 m
Age: 25
How long it took: 18 months 
How she did it: Digital + Personal Coaching with Sheryl Enright at the Highpoint Lifestyle Centre, Vic, and Digital + Studio™ with Carol Fraresso at Westmeadows, Victoria.

"There has been no magic bullet to my weight-loss success. Some weeks I’d lose a few hundred grams and some weeks I’d stay the same. But I kept plugging away."

Then & NowJade before and after

Health and fitness weren’t my priority

Before I lost weight, I used to hate going clothes shopping – it was like the stages of grief. I’d be angry, then sad, and in denial – it was an emotional roller-coaster. Health and fitness weren’t my priority. I was only interested in going out and having fun. Plus, I had got my driver’s licence a few years earlier, so I had started driving everywhere instead of walking. It wasn’t until my new job asked for my uniform size that it hit me. I said I was size 16, but when the pants arrived, they didn’t fit.

Not quite ready

I had joined WW four years earlier, when I was 19, but I wasn’t committed. I didn’t follow the Program consistently and just gave up at the end of 13 weeks. The week after I received my work pants, I went to WW again. I walked up to the entrance, but couldn’t go in. I knew I needed support, but I didn’t want to tell everyone in case I failed. So, I confided in one of the ladies I worked with that when I was ready, I’d commit myself one hundred per cent. The next week I was comfortable enough to walk through the door and sign up.

"It wasn’t until my new job asked for my uniform size that it hit me. I said I was size 16, but when the pants arrived, they didn’t fit..."

Learning new habits

My Personal Coaching Wellness Coach, Sheryl Enright, was amazing. She was so supportive and she made me accountable – if I didn’t do well, I was only letting myself down. My mum has been one of my biggest supporters, too. I call her after every weigh in and she is always really encouraging, whether I lose, gain or stay the same.

Learning new habits

Before WW my diet was awful! I used to eat fast or convenience food all the time. I would grab McDonald’s on the way home from work or get takeaway. But now I’ve learned how to fuel my body correctly. I eat fresh, wholesome foods and I feel so much better for it. I work odd hours, so I always make sure I have a healthy option available and a quick WW frozen meal, so I don’t feel the need to grab takeaway on the way home. I still treat myself, of course! I’ll go out for dinner or have a burger – but it’s a treat now, whereas before it was my usual dinner.

Jade lounging by the pool

Building confidence

Joining a gym was a big deal for me – I was really nervous about it. For the first month I hung out in the cardio area – on the treadmill or a bike. Eventually I met with a trainer and I got a weight-lifting program in place. The trainers have been so encouraging. I’m a bit of a junkie now and go five days a week – I love it!

I maintained Goal for 11 months

There has been no magic bullet to my weight-loss success. Some weeks I’d lose a few hundred grams and some weeks I’d stay the same. But I kept plugging away. I reached Goal on June 30 2014, when I hit 62kg! It felt terrific, of course, but by then I knew I could do better. 

I maintained Goal for 11 months and then I joined up again to reach a new goal of 55kg. A lot of people wondered why I was there, so I took the pants that used to be too small for me and showed them how far I’d come. On July 27 2015, I reached Goal for the second time, weighing 55kg.



What do you like about the WW app?

My favorite feature of the WW app is the recipe builder. I can customise recipes if I don’t have, or like, an ingredient. I love that I can type ‘chicken breast’ into the search field and every recipe with chicken breast comes up.

How to feel at home at the gym

I know how hard it is to walk through the door of the gym when you’re overweight. I was petrified! Here’s my advice on making the gym your home.

  • Do it for you: Join the gym when you feel ready. You can’t do it for anyone else and you have to be committed.
  • Get used to it: For the first month I just walked on the treadmill, rode on the bike and tried a class or two. Having this time made me feel more comfortable just being in the gym.
  • Talk to the trainers: It can be intimidating, but once I was ready, I met with a trainer to create a workout plan. It really helped me reach my goals.
  • Remember, everyone supports you: Despite what you may think, no one is watching you or looking at you or judging you! Everyone is there for the same goal: to be healthy and feel good.
  • Keep it up: You’ll reach setbacks and speed bumps with your weight loss and fitness, but keep it up! Even though it’s not always a steady path, it’s worth the journey.