Hannah Jacka
Group member

“Dropping 6 dress sizes changed my life"

Here’s how Hannah Jacka transformed her life and her wardrobe.

Hannah's weight loss story

Name: Hannah Jacka
Weight loss: 32.4 kg
Was: 98.9 kg | Now: 66.5 kg
Height: 1.68 m | Age: 25
How long it took: 18 months 
Method: Group coaching at East Maitland, NSW.

Then & Now

"Before Weight Watchers I weighed a lot more than my boyfriend. It’s nice to go to bed and wear his T-shirts that are now too big for me."

I’m a lot happier

At my heaviest I was a size 20-22. I was really self-conscious and felt insecure going out with my friends because I didn’t feel the same as them. I thought people were judging me – whether it was because of how I looked or what I was eating. My weight-loss trigger was looking at photos of myself as a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding. I said, “Do I really look like that?” I was horrified. So I signed up to Weight Watchers. Since losing weight, I’m much happier and more confident.

I love to cook

I put on weight because I was ignorant. I wasn't thinking about what I was eating. I used to eat a lot of takeaway and processed foods. Now I love cooking. Mexican food is one of my favourites. Instead of buying the packets of seasoning, I use my own spices.

I exercise every day

I play netball three times a week and some nights I play three or four games! I’ve also started cheerleading – I love it! We don’t use pompoms, but we lift each other up and toss people in the air. You need a lot of strength for it, so I’ve had to do more weights at the gym.

There are no more excuses

I own my own tanning studio and work by myself, so I get very busy – in summer I usually work from 8am to 10pm. Next door to me is a kebab shop – that’s not a good thing! I cook and freeze a lot of meals so I have no excuses. I call those meals my emergency food.

My partner’s clothes are too big for me now

Before Weight Watchers I weighed a lot more than my boyfriend. It’s nice to go to bed and wear his T-shirts that are now too big for me.

I’ve learnt more about life

I got to know everyone at my meetings – we’d often chat. I realised everyone feels the same way as you at one point or another. And I’ve learnt there are more important things to worry about than people judging me.

Favourite foods

  • Avocado: My favourite treat is guacamole. I make it with avocado, garlic and Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream.
  • Almonds: I always have almonds or a packet of mixed nuts in my bag if I need a quick snack.
  • Eggs: I like scrambled eggs for breakfast. I make them with 2 whole eggs and 1 egg white and spinach and have that on 2 slices of grain bread.
  • Spices: Lunch is often a Mexican-style chicken wrap with 160g grilled chicken cooked with ground cumin and chilli powder, topped with 1 tbs light sour cream, 30g light shredded cheddar, ¼ avocado, lettuce and tomato.

Hannah Jacka

Hannah's weight-loss tips

Keep a tracker: My heart rate monitor watch makes me exercise more. It has a feature where it says ‘Exercise Day’ and it won’t go away until I start exercising!
Mix up your goals: I always set weekly goals and they aren’t always about weight loss. It might be to drink more water or to turn off the TV and just get outside.
Have snacks ready: I always have a container of protein powder on me if I can’t find anything to snack on. I mix 25g with water.