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"I was diagnosed with diabetes"

After hitting 40 and suffering arthritic knees and a diagnosis of diabetes, Georgina decided to join Weight Watchers and lost an incredible 59kg.

Georgina's weight loss story

Name: Georgina Kartsidimas
Weight loss: 59kg
Was: 125kg
Now: 66kg
Height: 1.65m
Age: 46
How long it took: 2 years 
How she did it: Online Coaching

Then & Now

“ I realised I could tailor the Program to my lifestyle, which is what made it so manageable. ”

Turning 40

My weight always went up and down, but when I turned 40 in 2007 the scales really started to climb. I had some serious gynaecological problems that I tried to ignore and I became anaemic, which meant I had very little energy. To combat that, I reached for sugary and fatty foods. I also had arthritic knees, which made walking painful, and I was diagnosed with diabetes. I felt very depressed.

My health became a priority

My dad suffered two strokes and I realised I needed to look after my health if I wanted to avoid that path. In mid 2010 I had a hysterectomy but it took me until January 2011 to change my habits. I started walking three times a week and trying to make healthier changes, but when I’d only lost 5kg in six months, I knew I needed a more structured approach.

Weight Watchers was doable

A colleague was doing Weight Watchers with his wife and I thought it sounded doable. I work full-time, have a disabled 25-year-old son and am a secondary carer for my elderly parents, so I joined Weight Watchers Online because I didn’t have time for meetings.

A reality check

The first day was a shock. I thought I’d eaten healthily but when I sat down at the end of the day to track what I’d eaten, I realised I’d gone way over my daily allowance. I spent the first week learning the values of different foods. I increased my fruit and vegies because they were 0 SmartPoints™, and started tracking what I ate throughout the day. I realised I could tailor the Program to my lifestyle, which is what made it so manageable.

I took charge of my decisions

I also started increasing my incidental exercise. If a friend invited me out for dinner, I’d choose somewhere local so I could walk, and pretty soon my friends started walking with me. That slowly built up my fitness. Now I run 10km three times a week!

I'm finally the real me

These days I get up at 4.30am to prepare my son’s meals for the day. After I finish work, I do some exercise, visit my parents, then come home to spend time with my son. It’s quite a lot to juggle but if I plan carefully, I can fit everything in and still look after myself. Once I’d made a commitment to getting healthy, I never wavered. I feel like I’m finally being the ‘real’ me – I have so much energy to enjoy life.

Georgina Kartsidimas

Georgina's weight-loss tips

Own it: I realised I’m responsible for me – no one else was going to do it for me.
Travel smart: My job requires a lot of travel, so I have to plan what I eat carefully. I check in at my hotel then find a supermarket and stock up on fruit, vegies and salad dressing.
Share your story: People ask me for advice about how to lose weight – it’s a thrill to be able to inspire and motivate others.
Expect the unexpected: Sometimes I have unplanned treats, but I track everything to ensure I’m still within my weekly SmartPoints™ allowance.