Deanna Catlett
Lost baby weight

"I put on 5kg each time I had a baby"

Deanna and her daughter kept a photo diary of Deanna’s 24kg weight loss. Check out her amazing transformation!

Deanna's weight loss story

Name: Deanna Catlett
Weight loss: 24kg
Was: 86kg
Now: 62kg
Height: 1.68m
Age: 41
How long it took: 6 months 
How she did it: Online and Group Coaching at Mt Druitt, NSW, with Coach Suzan Reardon

Then & NowDeanna Catlett

"When I started the Program I was a size 18 and I wanted to fit into an old pair of size-12 jeans that I had bought overseas. Now they’re too big for me."

After having two children and trying a variety of different ‘diets’, Deanna Catlett finally joined Weight Watchers to lose the weight that had crept on over the years. She hasn’t looked back since.

I'm back to the weight I was in my twenties

The weight just kept creeping on over the years. I put on 5kg each time I had a baby – my kids are now 12 and 9 – and I overindulged regularly: every day was a special occasion! I tried all kinds of 'diets', but they all meant deprivation of some sort and that didn't work for me. I finally signed up to Weight Watchers because I was feeling uncomfortable with how big I was, and it worked! I recently bought a 20kg bag of dog food and had a light-bulb moment: that's how much excess weight I'd been carrying around all those years!

I pushed myself

I've really changed things up in the kitchen. The first time I made a roast vegie salad, I thought, ‘I never would have made this before’, and now it's one of our family favourites. We also love sweet corn & coriander fritters with smoked salmon, and roasted parsnip & pumpkin soup.

I've made new friends

I made great friends at my Group Coaching sessions – I still go every month and the best part is motivating other people to keep losing. My Coach, Sue, shares great food ideas, too. This one's great: mix a mashed banana with a whisked egg, then fry it to make a fritter and eat it with 2 tablespoons of no-fat Greek-style yoghurt.

Old clothes fit me again

When I started the Program I was a size 18 and I wanted to fit into an old pair of size 12 jeans that I had bought overseas. Now they're too big for me. I can also fit into a little black dress that’s a size 10, which I bought back in 1997!

My family is supportive

My husband and my kids are my little cheer squad. I'd always send my husband a text with my loss and he'd send back a positive and message. My daughter also took my photo every month on the journey in the same outfit until it was hanging off me. Now my new goal is to stay fit and healthy.

Deanna Catlett

Deanna’s food tips

Have a go-to snack idea: I love t snack on cottage cheese and Cruskits.
Make the most of fruit: I love whizzing up frozen berries or frozen mangoes with 1 cup of skim milk.
Eat air-popped popcorn: It's great for a quick and healthy snack.