Shift workers

"Working shifts didn’t stop me from losing 21kgs"

Caroline was always the 'bigger kid' growing up, but now she's loving life at goal weight and training for a half marathon.

Caroline's weight loss story

Name: Caroline Delamare
Weight loss: 21.2kg
Was: 93.2kg
Now: 72kg
Height: 1.71m
Age: 21
How long it took: 38 weeks
How she did it: Weight Watchers Group Coaching with Helen Boreman, Remuera, Auckland.

Before & Now
Caroline Delamare

“ As a shift worker, I knew losing weight – and keeping it off – was going to take planning. My hours change each week, so I stay organised with healthy snacks and meals. ”

I was ready for a change

I was always the bigger kid, but when I got older, I realised it was time to do something about my weight. I’d gained eight kilos, size-14 shorts were no longer fitting me and my doctor was telling me to lose weight. I was constantly tired and sick, so agreed. Weight Watchers was my first choice because it involved real-life, sustainable eating where I could cook my own food and not cut anything out. Even though my weight gain had taken me by surprise, I was ready to make a change.

I knew losing weight was going to take some planning

As a busy shift worker, I knew losing weight – and keeping it off – was going to take planning. My hours change each week, and I need to stay organised with healthy snacks and meals so I don’t fall back into unhealthy habits. To make sure I had Weight Watchers-friendly meals for work, I’d cook up a batch of vegetarian lasagne or chicken stir-fry on the weekend, then portion control it into containers or snap-lock bags. Once I cooked up vegies and made salad, I was sorted for the week. Having Weet-Bix for breakfast also kept things simple and fuss-free, and I snacked on nuts, yoghurt and fruit. If I felt like a sweet treat, I’d enjoy a fun-sized chocolate bar.

Exercise helped me break through a plateau

Committing to regular exercise was another major change. Before Weight Watchers, I didn’t do anything other than the occasional hit of tennis, so I started with regular walking and Pilates. My fitness slowly improved and I built up to joining a gym, which helped me bust through a weight-loss plateau. Now, in a good week, I exercise three or four times and love doing Pilates, Pump, circuit and spin classes.

Caroline Delamare

It’s worth it!

My fitness has improved so much that I completed a quarter marathon last year, and this October I’m doing a half marathon! These days, I feel so much happier in myself and love how energetic I’ve become. I feel as though I’ve come out of my shell. I know I’ll have to plan each week to stay healthy and focused, but it’s absolutely worth it.