Carla Casem

"I didn't want to lose weight by following fad diets"

Determined to regain a happier mindset and be a better role model for her daughters, Carla Casem lost 25kg with Weight Watchers.

Carla's weight loss story

Name: Carla Casem
Weight loss: 25kg
Was: 89kg
Now: 64kg
Height: 1.58m
Age: 34
How long it took: 9½ months
How she did it: Group Coaching at Myer Lifestyle Centre High Point, Vic, with Coach Sheryl Enright.
Year reached goal: 2015

Then & Now
Carla Casem

"I didn't want to risk passing on the wrong messages about food to my daughters."

I made the decision to change my life
At my heaviest, I looked pregnant. I was embarrassed about my appearance and worried about the example I was setting for my daughters. I tried avoiding carbs and sugar and I managed to lose a little bit of weight, but I soon put it back on.

One day, I decided I didn’t want to lose weight by following unhealthy fad diets and risk passing on the wrong messages about food to my daughters, so I joined Weight Watchers for the right guidance.

My happiness is contagious
When I was overweight and feeling down, the girls would notice how sad I was. Now that I’m at Goal, I feel better about myself. I’m so much happier – from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. This creates a positive environment for my girls, because if I’m happy, they’re happy.

Positive food changes
Weight Watchers taught me how to eat well and now I can pass everything I’ve learnt on to my family. By following the Program, I know about portion control, better food choices, and how to balance food intake with exercise. I used to snack on chips and chocolate biscuits, but these days I reach for kiwifruit and mangoes, or sip green tea. My daughters’ habits are changing, too. We eat far more vegetables now than ever before. We use fruit as sweets, have treats in moderation, and drink plenty of water.

Dancing for exercise
I never really exercised much, but after joining Weight Watchers I started going to Zumba classes. I love dancing, so it’s the perfect workout for me. At first I went once a week, but then I upped it to twice a week. The more I exercised, the better I felt, so it wasn’t long before I added a Body Attack class at the gym to my weekly routine too.

Now that I’ve lost weight and I’m eating better, I have so much more energy and I use it to move! The girls and I often have ‘dance-offs’ at home – we turn off the TV, turn up the music and just dance! We also go to the park to play, or we take turns on the swing in our backyard, so we’re not always sitting down watching TV and using our iPads. I know these are little changes, but they matter in the end.

Carla Casem

My weight-loss tips & tricks

  • Have go to meals: One of my favourite fast meals is a tin of tuna and a salad. It’s easy to make and I know how many SmartPoints values it has.
  • Lick the bowl: I love to bake. When I’m cooking, I set aside some SmartPoints values so I can lick the bowl or have a cupcake. I don’t overindulge, but I also don’t miss out.
  • Keep learning: I took every chance I got to read the Weight Watchers Program material and books, and to visit the website, whether it was when the kids were playing or after they’d gone to bed.
  • Use your time wisely: During the week, I meet a friend an hour before the school bell rings. That means we have a whole hour to go for a walk before we collect our kids. It’s a good way to catch up and fit in some exercise.
  • Step out of your comfort zone: I wanted to do a Body Attack class, but I was intimidated by the gym environment. To overcome my fear, I went with a friend, and these days I’ll even happily go alone.