Belinda Williams
Lost baby weight

"Being fit & healthy is my new reality"

Belinda Williams lost more than 30kg for her children, and gained a new career and attitude in the process.

Belinda's weight loss story

Name: Belinda Williams
Weight loss: 30.6 kg
Was: 94.6 kg
Now: 64 kg
Height: 1.65 m
Age: 28
How long it took: 39 wks
How she did it: Group Coaching at Raymond Terrace, NSW with Coach Sherrie Leigh

Then & Now
Belinda Williams

“ Fear is only temporary; missing an opportunity can be final. ”

My story...

The lightest I ever remember being was 77kg. I was 16 years old. Then I went to live in the Northern Territory for three years and my weight ballooned to 105kg. Besides eating my emotions, I drank a lot. It was a huge part of the culture in the Territory – I’d easily drink a whole bottle of vodka several nights a week.

My low point 

My weight meant I was missing out on life. I said ‘no’ to almost everything I wanted to say ‘yes’ to. I said ‘no’ to swimming with my son Riley, ‘no’ to running in the park with him, and ‘no’ to going out for lunches with the girls. One day my husband Ben took me on a surprise date. He’d organised a helicopter ride for the two of us. However, there was a weight limit, and you had to stand on a set of scales before getting in. There was no way I was getting on those scales! I refused to get out of the car. I just sat there and cried. I hurt my husband so badly with that ‘no’. I knew I had to start saying ‘yes’.

My turning point 

When my son Riley was born, I’d promised to lose weight and become a fit and healthy mum for him. But I failed to keep that promise. Four years later I was cradling my second son, Hunter, in my arms. Looking down at him it hurt to realise the mother I’d become. I couldn’t keep doing this to my children. Something had to change and I had to get healthy. That something was Weight Watchers.

The WW Community was my rock 

I almost quit in my second week because I thought I was going to gain weight. I didn’t quit though because, not only was I going to weekly meetings, I also had access to all the online tools. At the time, that included forums as well as your own personal blog. At first I didn’t realise that the blog was public. I thought it was private and my own little online diary. But then people started posting comments and started following me. I got a huge shock! The blog gave me an emotional outlet and the momentum to keep going. I loved it so much that while I was losing weight, I’d post at least once a day. The community, both online and in meetings, was my rock.

Belinda Williams

My 360° flip 

Everything about my life has changed. I used to have severe heart palpitations that required medication. Now my heart functions normally. I used to be negative and anxious. I was even too afraid to drive. Now I run at boot camp and am training to become a personal trainer. I’d never cooked before, and fruit, what was that? Now the fridge is full of fresh produce. I used to think that being healthy would never be my reality. Now it’s my world. Fear is only temporary. Missing an opportunity can be final.