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Steve avoided type 2 diabetes by losing 30kg in six months

And he says he couldn’t have done it without WW.
Published 1 December 2020 | Updated 22 November 2022

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Steve's weight loss journey

As a shift worker Steve knows how much of a challenge finding healthy meals in the middle of the night can be – and says it’s something that contributed to his weight gain in the first place. But in WW he found the answer, and the impact his weight loss has had on his health is life changing.

Steve's 'why'

“My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. Plus, I wanted to get back into running. After six months on WW I’d lost 30kg, was running again and my blood tests were back within the normal range. That means I’m no longer staring down the barrel of diabetes. I’ve got my health back.”

Steve then and now

WW makes weight loss easy

“I’m a shift worker, regularly working 12-hour stints and nightshifts over a four or five-day period. I can’t take my phone to work and don’t always have internet access. In the past, that’s made making healthier choices and keeping track of what I eat a bit of a challenge.

On the WW program there’s more than 200 ZeroPoint foods that I don’t have to measure or track when I eat them – and those ZeroPoint foods also make it really simple to pick healthier choices on the fly. It’s also really easy to integrate WW into my family’s routine. I do most of the cooking at home and everyone’s happy to eat exactly the same meals that I do.”

Steve' tuna salad

My ‘wow’ moment

“The first time I ran 20km without stopping was definitely a ‘moment’. I love running. There’s something special about being out first thing in the morning. It allows me to free myself mentally, as well as giving me time to plan the day ahead. Recently I’ve had a few injuries which has meant my running shoes have had a bit of a break, but slowly, I’m making progress towards getting back out there. And in the meantime, I’m enjoying walking Bailey, our Labrador, every day.”

I still eat chocolate

“I love chocolate freckles – always have, always will. What I like even more is that on WW I can still have them. I’m also a huge fan of peanut butter and enjoy using it in recipes, and I can do that on WW, too. My favourite recipe is Sticky peanut butter chicken on the WW app. The combination of flavours it delivers on one plate is amazing.”

Steve and his dog walk

More men should do WW!

“As a guy who’s had success on WW, I’m really keen to make sure that men feel like they can join. If you’re a guy and you’ve ever thought that WW was mainly for women, trust me, it’s not. Lots of men are WW members and there’s a lot of support for us guys. That’s another thing I love about WW – the community is so supportive and non-judgemental. Everybody is there to help each other and to learn from each other. So, if you’ve been thinking about joining, don’t hesitate. Just do it.”