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After losing 25kg, Ruth wishes WW had been her first resort

Ruth's specialist says that WW is a realistic way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and has encouraged her to keep up the good work.
Published 1 November 2022

Ruth’s weight loss story

Before starting my WeightWatchers journey I was a stay at home mum on maternity leave. I was so happy in my life but not so happy in my body. I was over 110kg and I knew I needed to make a change in order to set the best example for my two beautiful daughters.

Ruth before and after 25kg weight loss

What weight loss methods had you tried?

I had tried almost everything under the sun to lose weight. Calorie counting, home-delivered meals, name it, I tried it. I felt like I needed to try WeightWatchers as a last resort. I wish it had been my first resort!

What has been your formula for success?

I love that on WW I get to make the program work for me. Tracking + Moving = Success. When I started tracking what I was eating and going for walks with my girls I experienced weight loss which made me realise I was onto something good. So far I’ve lost 25kg over 15 months.

What do you like about Workshops?

Attending my local Workshop gives me food for thought. I always walk away with a new strategy or technique to add to my weightloss 'toolkit'. My coach Davina has always encouraged me and celebrated my success.

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What's an average day of eating like WW?

Breakfast is fruit salad with a milky coffee. Lunch is a chicken salad and wrap. For dinner I often have protein and salad or veggies. In the past, snacking while watching TV was my weakness but with WW, as long as I save enough Points, this doesn’t need to be a weakness at all. By making some smart swaps, like vege crisps instead of chips or a WW protein bar instead of chocolate, I don't have to miss out!

What is moment you're proud of?

My most recent NSV (Non Scale Victory) was being able to zip up my jacket which I wasn’t able to do previously. As a fashion lover, fitting in my clothes and feeling good in them is a big thing for me.

How have you dealt with setbacks?

Life bring ups and downs and after my sister's breast cancer diagnosis I fell off the wagon. I was tracking sporadically, moving less and eating more but I have been able to pick up where I left off to continue my journey. I’m still a while away from my goal weight but I know I’ll get there.

I have a heart condition (Bicuspid Aortic Valve) which requires a valve replacement later in life. Losing weight will hopefully prolong my surgery date and make recovery a lot easier which is very important to me. My specialist said that WW is a realistic way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and has encouraged me to keep up the good work.

What was it like being a part of the TV shoot?

I was so excited to be invited to take part in the WW TV shoot! It was an experience I will never forget. All the people on set were wonderful and it was so great to meet the incredible WW crew. There was such a buzz and the laughs seen in the ad are genuine! I will never forget the time I got to be a star for a day.

What's your best advice to others?

For those thinking about joining WW, losing weight and getting healthier, don’t delay! WW works and to trust the process. It’s the only program that has taught me that it’s OK to live life and not feel guilty about celebrating the good times. WW is for real life and I will always be a member. It has changed my life and I am so so grateful.