Member Stories

Rinky has future-proofed her health by learning to think differently

And not only does she credit WW for encouraging the change, she’s passionate about helping others do it too.
Published 13 December 2020 | Updated 30 November 2022

Rinky's weight loss journey

Rinky joined WW determined to become fitter and healthier – and to sidestep a statistic that meant she was at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Having lost 24kg in 18 months, she’s not only achieved all of that, she’s got an entirely different outlook on life now. And it means her and her family’s future has got ‘good health’ written all over it.

Rinky's 'why'

“After giving birth to my two boys, I realised my own health had taken a backseat. I joined WW as I wanted to be fit and healthy for myself, and for my family.”

Your thoughts are a power tool

“My mindset has completely changed. Prior to WW I thought my job was just to look after my kids. I never looked after myself. My Coach helped me make myself a priority. Now I make Saturdays my ‘me-time’ and my family knows not to disturb me. I’m also very determined now – small things don’t upset me anymore and I feel in control of my thoughts, not the other way around. I’m committed to training my brain in a way that focuses on the positive. I honestly believe I wouldn’t have made this shift if it wasn’t for WW.”

My favourite Indian dishes are always on the menu

“Before joining WW I assumed that once I did, I’d be starving most of the time and that I’d have to cut out all of my favourite Indian foods and just eat salad in order to lose weight. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It’s not like that at all. I just make small changes to my favourite Indian dishes like using less oil, less sugar and less salt and I eat smaller portions. I’ve never felt hungry.”

WW food is family friendly food

“Family dinners in our house are usually WW recipes, but it wasn’t like that when I first joined. I started cooking WW recipes for myself but continued to cook a different meal for my husband and kids. I just assumed my family wouldn’t want to eat WW recipes. One day my son tried ‘my’ food and he loved it! It was a revelation and I’ve been cooking healthier meals for the whole family ever since.”

My trick for staying active

“I was very sedentary before I joined WW, but when I started hitting the FitPoints goal I was given, it was incredibly motivating. As well as regularity mixing up the physical activity I do so that I’m never doing the same thing for too long, I have a couple of sets of workout gear. I keep one set near my bed so it reminds me to be active in the morning and I also keep a set at the office. That way, if I miss out on doing exercise at home, I can do it at work and vice versa. It helps me stay accountable.”

The WW community is unique

“I attended my Workshop each week on my way to my goal weight and my fellow WW members became my family. Learning from them and sharing my experience was so powerful. As a WW Coach myself now, I not only love my job, I still look forward to my Workshops every week. It gives me goosebumps when members achieve their goals or hit a milestone. The connection you build with members, and that members build between themselves, is better than anything.”