"I found the me that I had buried away under the weight"

Raun Sutton from WA is our first ever male Slimmer of the Year!
Published 28 October 2015

Raun's weight loss story

Name: Raun Sutton
Weight loss: 35.7 kg
Was: 119.7 kg |​ Now: 84 kg
Height: 1.85 m |​ Age: 37

Then & Now

"I found the me that I had hidden away under the weight. I love life again and feel fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before. ”

Weighing in at 120kgs I knew I had to do something

I had what I call a 'shatter moment' while walking to work. I was out of breath, perspiring, aching and feeling truly sad about my condition. I caught sight of my reflection in a window and I realised I had to change my lifestyle. I spoke to a work colleague who told me all about Weight Watchers and how it had helped her reach her Goal weight. That week my partner and I joined together and haven’t looked back.

My biggest regret was not living life

I was never able to do the things I wanted to do because I lacked the energy. I had obesity and had no zest for life. Now I want to go everywhere, do everything, and enjoy being the ‘me’ I was meant to be! Now I can walk into a store and find clothes that fit. I love my new life!

We haven’t had to give up anything

We still eat out, go every Sunday for a family dinner and enjoy our alcoholic beverages. In fact every night we have our sweet treats. It's just that we’ve learnt how to make healthier choices. I have learnt, with tracking, how to ensure I never miss out on a thing.

How can I eat so much and lose weight?

At first when I started the Weight Watchers Program, I was in disbelief. How can I eat so much and lose weight? Fuelling my metabolism, walking and applying all the lessons learned in Weight Watchers meetings has given me the tools to lose weight and maintain my weight forever.

We've lost weight together

My life partner has lost over 15kg too. The other day he said 'We really have changed our lives', and I agree – the changes we’ve learned to incorporate have changed our lives for the better. Friends, family and co-workers have been inspired by our success and are joining Weight Watchers too.

Since losing the weight my health has benefited

I’ve suffered from hypertension and an on-going back issue for many years. My GP has told me that since reaching Goal weight, he'll look at ceasing my blood-pressure medication completely. And my back has never felt stronger.

WeightWatchers has helped me rediscover living 

I found the ‘me’ that I had hidden away under the weight. I love life again and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before. I am a better person because of it and I love what Weight Watchers has done for me. Weight Watchers is the best weight-loss program for educating you how to live life, enjoy life and get the most out of it!