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"WW is weight loss made simple!"

WW Member and Coach Michelle shares why she's loving the WW program.
Published 6 November 2017

Member name: Michelle Goff
Weight loss on WW: 1.8 kgs in 5 weeks (after losing 14.7 kgs on the previous program)
Was: 83.4 kg | Now: 66.9 kg
Height: 168 cm | Age: 34
Method: Workshop + Digital

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Michelle then and now

How did your WW journey start?

After perusing some happy snaps from a fun family holiday, I saw myself on a ride with my youngest son looking uncomfortable and trying to hide my body. At that moment I realised that how I looked on the outside didn’t match how I felt on the inside.

I felt sluggish all the time and was lazy when it came to my food choices. I was generally unhappy at what I saw in the mirror. I’d convinced myself that no one could see that I’d put on weight and that I hid it well. As the weight began to come off and I started to feel better in my own skin, the compliments started. I began to feel better about myself (what a feeling!).

How did you stick with it?

The game changer for me was the weekly WW Workshops. There were weeks where I’d lost focus and was close to giving up but, no matter how I was feeling, I went to my Workshop. It was the driving force to my weight loss. With the support of my WW Coach and the fellow members, I made it to my goal. It was slow and steady, but I made it!

Michelle's meeting
Michelle's meeting

What's your favourite way to keep active?

I used to love group gym classes, but when my weight crept up I felt embarrassed mixing with others who were more agile than I was. As my weight came off, I found the confidence to get back to my favourite class, BodyAttack, and before long I was up the front showing the rest of them how it’s done! I even had a crack at a few spin classes and found a new favourite class… DanceFit!


How do you move more every day?

Life can get in the way these days (with two jobs and two kids), so sticking to a regular fitness routine can be difficult. Instead, I take every opportunity to fit in any type of movement I can. It’s often a walk with my husband, kids and the dog, or a cardio session or class at the gym when time permits. I also play group sports with my friends, swim with the kids, and whenever there’s a dance floor you’ll see me on it! I even bought a bike so the kids and I can ride in the park together. The key is to find an activity you enjoy so that it doesn’t become a chore. Some movement is better than no movement.


What are you loving most about WW program?

Its simplicity! The ability to make my own food choices was always very important to me, together with being able to live my life without feeling restricted when it came to food. WW has really amped it up for me in that I can choose to eat from the ZeroPoint foods list and not have to track it. At the same time I can still eat out with friends or have the occasional treat without feeling guilty or that I’ve ruined my progress. Weight loss made simple… what’s not to love?


Is there more flexibility when you’re out?

If I know that I have a party or just a night out with friends or family, I can eat from the ZeroPoint foods list throughout the day, to be able to choose whatever I like while out. The rolled over SmartPoints function is invaluable: four rollover Points a day seems too good to be true!

How are you incorporating ZeroPoint foods at home?

Having two young boys, we often enjoy spaghetti bolognaise, Mexican food, or chicken schnitzel for dinner. Having the ZeroPoint foods to lean on at other meal times allows me to enjoy those meals with my family while staying on program.


How has your mindset changed?

The right mindset when it comes to weight loss is paramount. Bring able to rationalise your own thoughts and to filter the helpful from the unhelpful has allowed me to really dig in when I need to, but also to forgive myself when things don’t go to “plan”. I’ve learnt to be more compassionate towards myself, and my mindset is strong enough now to recognise that there’s always tomorrow: don’t dwell on today.


What have you learned about yourself?

Having two sons, I know I need to set a good example. They’ll learn healthy habits from me, and this is immensely important to me as a mother. I want them to live long, happy and healthy lives; free from weight-related illnesses.

I’m also proud that I learned to put myself first and take the time to live the program, for ME. By prioritising my health, I’ve regained my confidence.

Michelle doing some meal planning
Michelle doing some meal planning

Michelle's #1 weight loss tip

Go to weekly Workshops
If you can’t attend a Workshop, find a support network. The support is key! Join social media pages and/or groups with people who are on the same journey as you. Being able to share struggles and triumphs will encourage you to strive on.