Maria lost 61kg and said goodbye to type 2 diabetes and health medications

Maria felt like she was losing control of her life with stress and health issues. She joined WeightWatchers® and with the help of her WW Coaches, Maria lost 61kg over two years.
Published 6 June 2022

Maria's weight-loss story

What was life like before WW?

Life before WW was out of control. I was stressed with work and didn’t have time for myself. I was diabetic, insulin dependent and on blood pressure tablets. I’d had a kidney removed after a cancer scare and my health was at an all time low.

What was the moment that made you join WW?

I joined WW but took a break to go on a holiday. During 6 week cruise I gained 7kg. When I returned I thought to myself, "Why can't I take control of my weight and be a good role model for my family?" I decided to re-join WW and this time around, I was going to take things slow and steady.

What was a helpful tip you learned from your Coach?

My WW coach’s guidance was to not only look at the big picture, but make my end goal into smaller goals of 10kg at a time. This helped me stay focused as I didn’t feel like it was such a high mountain to climb.

How did you find the WW program and what do you eat in a day?

I've really enjoyed the WW program and found it easy to follow. I love finding new WW recipes in the WW app and recipe books. In the mornings I have my coffee, oats and yoghurt or eggs and toast with avocado. If I have time I have a coffee and a Nutella muffin.

At lunch I love making a small crustless quiche with ham and large salad. Afternoon tea is a piece of fruit.

Dinner might be chicken involtini with shortcut bacon, asparagus, low-fat cheese, and broccolini or zucchini noodles with fresh tomato and basil sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan.

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"The best feeling is weighing in and reaching your goals. You feel great and people are so happy for you."— Maria

How has your health and life improved?

Since losing 61kg, I am no longer diabetic. I have stopped my insulin and blood pressure tablets. I think my doctor was happier than me! I have lots of energy to run around with my granddaughters. I have started Zumba and am finally enjoying exercise. Saturday and Sunday nights my husband and I hit the dance floors and dance all night. It’s so fun to fit into lovely dresses.

What is your best advice?

My best advice is to just do it! You have so much support with WW whether you are on Connect in the app, at your Workshop with a Coach or on a Facebook group. Fellow members and especially the Coaches make you feel supported.

What are you most proud of?

The best feeling is weighing in and reaching your goals. You feel great and people are so happy for you. WW really works. All you need is your can-do mindset!