“WeightWatchers® helped me lose 38 kg and to stop emotionally eating”

After losing 38kg over 18 months and keeping it off for over a year, Kristy shares how the WW program helped her say goodbye to emotional eating, sugar cravings and hello to a healthy lifestyle for her daughter and family.
Published 4 April 2022 | Updated 30 November 2022

Kristy's weight loss story

"WW helped me learn how to feel my emotions rather than eat them. It is ok to cry, it is ok to ask for help, and it is ok not to be ok. Eating these feelings away does not help at all."— Kristy

Q&A with Kristy

What was life like before WW?

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I lost weight before falling pregnant with my daughter, but I put it back on during pregnancy.

I was so tired from being a new mum I continually chased a sugar fix to get through the day. I would start each day being ‘good’, then something would set me off, and I’d eat chocolate, then that was it.

I would snack on it all day, I did next to no exercise and my food choices were convenient and incredibly unhealthy. Once my daughter went to bed at night, I would tuck into dessert to unwind. Then the cycle would continue the next day.

What was the moment that made you join WW?

I was on my way home and I called into McDonalds for my daily soft serve ice cream in a cone on the way home. This day my daughter was old enough to want some too. I turned around and said nicely, “No, sweetheart, we don’t eat this food all the time.” Then I had the what have I done moment.

If I was so concerned about her getting the nutrition she needed, why was I ok with feeding my body so poorly. That day I committed to WW. Two weeks later, I herniated a disc in my back, and for the first time, I was unable to care for my daughter. That was the kick I needed to commit long term. I was determined to never again put myself in a position where I couldn’t care for my daughter because of how poorly I'd been treating my body.

How did you get started on WW?

In the beginning, I didn’t make a lot of changes. I just tracked everything I ate and made sure I stayed within my Points Budget. It meant smaller portions and planning my sweet treats.

As my journey continued, I managed to kick my sugar habit and eat more whole foods.

I am not going to lie; learning something new can be overwhelming. But I was determined after hurting my back that nothing was going to stop me. On days I struggled, I would scroll Connect in the WW app and look at everyone's before and afters. I didn’t believe I could do it in the beginning. But I knew if these amazing people could do it, I could do just one more day. All those days added up, and I started to believe in myself. I've now created my instagram account to help other people believe they can do it too.

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What is a typical day on a plate?

My husband tells me that I am a far better cook since starting WW. The food I eat now is so tasty that I don’t miss my old food at all. I also drink 2 litres of water a day.

Breakfast: Almond milk latte and overnight oats

Lunch: Grilled barramundi with brown rice and broccoli

Dinner: Chicken pie and cauliflower rice

Snacks: Fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, some kind of WW baked goods (banana cake or apple crumble muffins)

Dessert: Anna’s choc almond slice or a glass or two of wine. But only on the weekend now.

How have you added more movement?

I exercise now for my mental health, more than for my physical health. I love walking, especially during the peak of COVID. I’d load my daughter in the pram, and we would walk for at least an hour. It got us both out of the house, and I found it really helped clear my head for the day.

What was your biggest challenge?

Learning to be kind to myself. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes; we all learn from them. Beating myself up for an unplanned indulgent meal does not help. Just accept it happened and move on.

I also learned to feel my big emotions rather than eating them. It is ok to cry, it is ok to ask for help, and it is ok not to be ok. People actually want to help you if you ask. Eating these feelings away does not help at all.