Kathryn's health and weight loss is back on track after thyroid cancer

After a diagnosis of thyroid papillary cancer, Kathryn's health was at an all time low. She rejoined WW and has lost 50kg over 9.5 months. This is her inspiring story!
Published 4 July 2022 | Updated 30 November 2022

Kathryn's weight-loss story

What was life like before WeightWatchers®?

Looking back, I’ve always been a comfort and stress eater. As I reached my 50s, my weight crept up and after a day at work as a kindergarten teacher my feet and knees were aching. I only engaged in “have to” exercises that got me through the day. I’d become a homebody as everything was such an effort.

I was diagnosed with thyroid papillary cancer in 2012. My thyroid was removed and my weight gain accelerated. I reached 164kg. Even though I was cancer free, my health wasn't great. My respiratory specialist diagnosed me with severe asthma and I was on the verge of type 2 diabetes.

Kathryn before after 50kg weight loss

What made you join WeightWatchers?

The defining moment was wanting to get on top of my severe asthma coupled with the fear of getting COVID. I knew that my weight would impact recovery. I had been a WW member in the past knew that the program works. I lost 67kg in 2007 and reached lifetime membership which I maintained until having my thyroid removed. This time with the support of my Coach Cassandra, my GP and endocrinologist, I am determined to get to my goal weight and keep it off.

What do you like about the WW program?

That you can fit almost everything within your Points Budget! For breakfast I have coffee, fruit and muesli. Lunch is pumpkin soup, poached eggs or an omelette. Dinner might be stir-fry, chicken curry, roast and vegetables, lamb wraps, steak and veggies, fish and vegetables or salad. For snacks I munch on fruit and popcorn.

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What encouraged you along the way?

Once I reached my 20kg weight loss goal I knew I could go all the way! If I have a small weight gain, I don't look at that as a negative but a positive that your body needs to re-align so that you can move forward in your weight loss.

At 30kg weight loss, people were noticing and their support helped me too. Even little things like getting out of the car, moving faster, enjoying being out in the garden and not being exhausted at the end of the week makes it all worth it. People tell me I look happier and are more confident within myself.

How has your health improved?

Since losing 50kg over 9.5 months, my glucose levels are back to normal and I have returned to the low cholesterol range. I am hoping my asthma improves but now I can get on top of my flair ups.

My back and knees don’t hurt anymore. I was seeing the Chiro weekly but now I go for maintenance around once a month.

My days are busy as a full time Kindergarten Teacher. I never sit still and I’m always on the move. I decided not to do any extra exercise that I couldn’t maintain for life so I fit extra steps into my day wherever I can.

What are you most proud about?

Before starting my journey, I was a size 24. The other day I bought a size 16 top! I haven’t been that size for over 10 years. I take pleasure in donating my clothes that are too big. The excitement of going to a regular clothes shop to purchase clothes that fit is an amazing feeling.

What is your best advice for others?

I have 34kg to get to my goal weight but I know I’ll get there. I'm focusing on 5kg mini goals at a time vs focusing on the big picture. My best tips is to focus on changing one habit at a time. You’ll be amazed at how far commitment and determination will take you.