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2022 Healthy Life Awards Better Together winners Kate, Steph, Erin and Kim

After a girls trip away sharing that they weren't feeling their best, friends Kate, Steph, Erin and Kim joined WW together to get healthier. In 4 months they’ve lost 36kg!
Published 20 September 2022

In March 2022, we went away for a girls weekend and shared that we weren’t feeling great about ourselves. Steph felt tired all the time, Erin wasn’t exercising, Kim was making unhealthy food choices and Kate was making poor choices. Feeling pretty rubbish, we decided to give WW a try.

We each got the WW app over the weekend away and pledged we would support each other. We found our local workshop and that weekend we went on the hunt for a set of scales so we could weigh ourselves. We each had a big glass of wine that night!

We created a messenger group to hold each other accountable and support each other. We share recipes, photos of meals, new low Point foods finds and screenshots of our tracked days. We also encourage each other by sharing milestones and celebrations like dropping a dress size.

We also connected our fitness apps so we can see each other’s exercise each day - we are all walking a lot! It’s healthy competition to get notified when each of us have hit our walking targets and it. It spurs us on!

We go to the same WW Workshop each week which has become our weekly social catch up. We love our Workshop and we learn so from lifetime members and our amazing coaches - Susan, Tammi and Melissa.

We all make better choices, move more and take care of ourselves. We can see for each of us we deserve it! It has also brought us all closer together and now we’re enjoying having nights out as celebrations and love wearing our new SMALLER clothes!

Here’s how WW is personalised and works for each of us:

We each have our own ZeroPoints foods:

  • Kate loves fish - so her list is ideal for her and her partner (who has also lost weight!)
  • Kim loves chicken
  • Erin loves pasta
  • Steph loves all things sweet - so is often making the avocado chocolate cake and sharing a slice with us all.

We’re most proud that we’ve been able to stick to the program and achieve success! It’s the first weight loss program that has worked for all of us.

Here’s what we’re most proud about!

  • Kate is moving every day
  • Steph is back into her skinny jeans
  • Erin stuck with it
  • Kim is proud of the effort to invest in myself

Our best advice as a Team is to Trust and Track:

  • Trust - the program. It works!
  • Track - it’s your superpower
  • Team - you’re not alone