“I wanted to lose a few more kilos, and they were easier to shift on WW Your Way+.”

WW member and Wellness Coach Karen shares why she's loving WW.
"Maintaining my weight has never been easier and I’m never hungry."

Name: Karen Rossiter
Weight loss on WW Your Way+ Lost 1kg in 2 weeks
Weight loss on previous program: 16 kg in 6 months 
Was: 71kg | Now:  55kg
Height: 155cm | Age: 53
Method: Digital + Studio™with Alison Jones Mt Annan, NSW

Join Karen's meetings: Abbotbury, Mt AnnanMortdale and Campelltown NSW
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Karen then and now

Why does WW work for you?

My mindset was right when I first started – I was determined to stick to the program and get back to a size 6. The meetings were a huge motivation, and I did what I now tell my WW members to do: “Head down, bum up, and just do it.”


How did you reward yourself along the way?

With new clothes, new clothes, and did I mention new clothes?!


Beyond fitting into new clothes, what have you discovered about yourself?

I have more energy, my lymphoedema (swelling of the limbs that can develop after cancer treatment) is under control, and I found a new hobby: cooking. I never knew how to cook before, and couldn’t ever think of what to cook, so takeaway always seemed easier. Now I love trying new recipes, and whenever a new WW cookbook comes out I make everything in it from cover to cover.  


What do you love about cooking healthy meals?

My biggest inspiration is my kids. I love it when my son rubs his belly after a great meal I’ve cooked, or my daughter leaves post-it notes saying how awesome her meal was.   

Karen cooking  dinner from WW cookbooks
"Before WW I didn’t know how to cook: now I love trying new recipes."
Karen with her members at dance fit

What are your go-to meals?

Thai chicken burgers are a firm family favourite.


Are you ever hungry?

On WW  maintaining my weight has never been easier and I’m never hungry. There’s so much freedom and choice with food.


What are your favourite ZeroPoint™ foods?

Salmon is a favourite and eggs are fantastically versatile: you can create so many things with eggs. If I ever go over my daily SmartPoints® Budget, it’s easy to reach for ZeroPoint™foods.


Can you talk us through your weekly exercise routine?

I walk the dog every day – if he’s lucky I’ll run part of the way – and I do DanceFit twice a week: it’s the best exercise ever. I go straight from my WW Wellness Workshops and drag along some of the other ladies. After our Saturday morning Wellness Workshops I go to a boot camp especially designed for WW ladies by a young personal trainer. Then on Sunday mornings I walk along a 7km bike track with my WW members.

Why do you love being a WW Wellness Coach?

I love the inspiration I’m giving everyone, and I take time to interact individually with those WW  members who I think need it, either via a private Facebook message or a phone call. It’s great to see how happy you’ve made someone. It’s the most rewarding job.