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Julie discovered a new approach to weight loss WW

It’s a shift that’s been a big part of her success
Published 9 December 2020 | Updated 30 November 2022

Julie's weight loss journey

Julie joined WW because she wanted to be a role model for her children – and to rediscover the energy to keep up with them. Having lost 5kg in 12 weeks, she’s not only fitter and stronger, her whole family is living a healthier lifestyle. She says it was taking her focus off the scales that finally started to make them move.

Julie's "Why"

"I want to be a healthy role model for my children and have the energy to keep up with them."

WW isn’t just about weight loss – and that’s why you lose weight

“Now, I see weight loss as a nice bonus. The fact that WW helps me improve everything from how I fuel my body, move by body and even how I think about my body all adds up to creating overall wellness. Weight loss is a natural product of that, rather than being my main focus. I love that – and it’s why WW works.”

WW fits in instead of being something else I have to do

“Rather than adding to my to-do list, WW has given me tools that not only make it easier to lose weight, they make my life easier, too. I’m someone who likes being organised and the meal planner and ‘What’s in the fridge?’ features of the app help me do that. I can plan my weekly meals so that when I do the grocery shopping, I’m not blindly walking around making poor choices. I’m more efficient, confident and definitely less stressed about the inevitable question of ‘what’s for dinner?’. I’m all about taking shortcuts when it comes to frankly boring tasks like food shopping and meal planning and that’s where the WW app really delivers.”

Points and ZeroPoint foods take the hassle out of food

“Compared to other food plans and programs I’ve tried, the Points system is so much simpler and easier to follow. The list of ZeroPoint food are my go-to foods, which reduces the number of decisions and choices I need to make each day, but I know my weight loss is still on track when I eat them. It couldn’t be any simpler.”

WW motivated me to start exercising

“When I first joined WW, the workouts on the app were a great kickstart and gave me scope to push myself to do more. Now I’m motivated to earn Points and I challenge myself to increase my weekly target because for me, that’s another sign that I’m getting fitter and stronger.”