"Weight loss enabled us to start a family."

Grantly Aplin and his wife knew firsthand the frustration and heartbreak of wanting a child.
Published 2 September 2016

Grantly's weight loss journey

Name: Grantly Aplin
Weight loss: 77kg
Was: 162kg |​ Now: 85kg
Height: 185cm |​ Age: 43
How long it took: 16 months
Method: Group Coaching at Dapto, NSW with Coach Tina Simmons

Then & Now
Grantly Aplin

“My wife and I joined WW and kept each other accountable.”

The beginning of my journey

After three years of trying to start a family without success, my wife and I put ourselves forward to become foster parents. The agency was happy with our application, but suggested we try to lose a bit of weight. So we joined WW and kept each other accountable.

My first ‘wow’ moment

Three months in, and 23kg lighter, I flew home to Adelaide for a visit. I used to have trouble doing up the seatbelt, but this time it wasn’t even tight – it was a fantastic feeling!

My failsafe strategy

I work in retail, and my boss, Mark, unknowingly gave me the best weight-loss strategy when he taught me not to approach sales targets as a whole, but to break them down to daily or weekly targets because it made it seem easier to achieve. I used the same principle with weight loss. If I’d focussed on losing 77kg at the start I never would have made it, but 1kg or so a week seemed like something I could do. And, after 69 weeks, I reached Goal.

My approach to exercise

My wife and I work irregular hours so we joined a 24-hour gym – going whenever we liked made it so much easier. I’m also on my feet all day for work so I bought a Fitbit and realised I was typically doing 10,000 steps a day. The amount of exercise increased as time went on. I was so determined to keep moving and lose the weight.

My best Christmas gift

My wife and I were foster parents to a baby girl for 10 months. We continued to lose weight while she was in our care and both got to Goal weight. A few weeks after the baby was returned to her family, my wife became pregnant – the due date is Christmas Day! There’s no doubt that weight loss played a major role in my wife and I being able to start a family of our own.