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2022 Healthy Life Awards Inspirational Journey finalist Fraser Robinson

Fraser lost 52kg over 18 months. Read his inspiring story about trying WW as a last ditch effort before seeking weight loss surgery.
Published 24 September 2022

Before WeightWatchers, I was finding it really difficult to stick to a plan of healthy eating and exercise. I was always uncomfortable and constantly upset that I couldn’t fit into the clothes I wanted. I didn’t like looking at photos of myself anymore.

During my last visit to the doctor, I was told that I was pre-diabetic and needed to make some changes. My Mum and I decided to join WW in the New Year, and I saw it as my last attempt before seeking weight loss surgery. I was 160kg when I joined WeightWatchers in January 2021.

The program taught me how to plan my day around what I like to eat. If I know I’m having dinner out, I will choose to eat lots of ZeroPoint foods so I can enjoy my meal that night. It makes me feel so much better mentally.

After losing just over 52kg in 18 months, my life has changed drastically. I’m feeling much happier and more comfortable in my own skin. I’m feeling confident going to the gym or going for long walks with my friends. I’m also starting to find my style now that I can fit into more clothes that never fit or suited me before. At my last doctor's checkup all of my tests came back very positive as I’m glad that I’m no longer considered pre-diabetic.

I am most proud of really giving it that one final push of trying to lose weight and really putting in all the effort to make it work. Pushing past those mental boundaries was the hardest thing, but I’m proud of that.