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“I’m losing weight without even thinking about it”

Joining WW in early 2020, it took Emma about six months to lose 10kg, but after just 12 weeks on WW PersonalPoints, she’s down 7kg, feels in control and can’t believe she’s getting results simply by cooking, eating and enjoying her favourite meals.
Published 15 November 2021

Emma’s ‘why’

“I love fashion and I’ve always really enjoyed using the way I dress to show my personality. So when my favourite outfits were no longer fitting like they should, instead of buying a whole new wardrobe – as much as I enjoy shopping! – I knew it was time to get motivated to start making healthier food choices. Rather than dieting, I wanted to nourish my body so I could get back into my favourite clothes. That’s why I joined WW.”

Q & A with Emma

What has following the PersonalPoints Program been like for you?

“Being able to choose the foods I actually enjoy eating on a regular basis as my ZeroPoint foods means it’s never felt like I’m on a weight loss program. It just feels like I’m cooking my favourite meals and losing weight without even thinking about it. And I love the fact that I can add Points simply by making healthier choices – who doesn’t like a bit of positive reinforcement? Knowing I’ll earn an extra Point by drinking enough water is a big motivation to make me drink that water.”

How does it compare to the Green food plan?

“I started on the Green plan when I joined WW in January 2020 and it worked for me, but I find the PersonalPoints Program is a little less restrictive so it feels like I’ve got a bit more balance in my diet. I also love that I’m in control. The fact that I can change things up and try new ZeroPoint foods if I want to makes a huge difference. I’ve lost weight a bit faster on the new program, too, which is always welcome!”

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How easy is PersonalPoints to follow?

“It’s so easy. Like anything, it might take a wee bit of time to get used to the changes but in this case, change is definitely good. Once I got to grips with my unique plan, it’s been so easy to just sit back and go with it. I don’t feel like I’m counting Points 24/7 or even as though I’m tracking my meals because the app and the program does so much of the work for you. I’ve tried a number of lifestyle plans and diets over the years and PersonalPoints has been the simplest to do by far.”

How do you make the most of your ZeroPoint foods?

“I like to use them as the basis of my meal planning every week. I start by looking at how I can incorporate my ZeroPoint foods as frequently as possible, alongside some other favourite dishes in order to get a good balance of different meals across the week. My personal ZeroPoint foods include beans and lentils, brown rice and quinoa, skinless chicken breast, potatoes and sweet potato, fish and shellfish, and eggs and fruit. Basing a lot of my meals around those foods also means I can spend my spare Points on a wine or two, or dinner out at a restaurant.”

How do you feel these days?

“Growing up, I had a love-hate relationship with my body, but when I reached my late 20s and early 30s I realised it’s the only one I have and I need to give it what it deserves – praise and love for getting me this far. But WW has helped me feel even better about myself, both physically and mentally. And I’m fitting back into the clothes that have been feeling left out in my wardrobe for far too long. Now I feel so good getting dressed in the morning!”