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2022 Healthy Life Awards Workshop Of the Year is WW Coach Cassandra’s 'In My 30’s’ Virtual Workshop

Our Workshop of the year is Coached by Cassadadra. See what her members had to say about their ‘In my 30’s’ workshop and why it was awarded Workshop of the Year!
Published 22 September 2022

“We are a group that cheer each other on not just during the workshop but on social media during the week. We have formed a bond and friendship and we check on each other and share our parenting journey as well. We helped each other especially when our members got COVID and we just are there for each other. It's our tribe and we dig each other’s vibe!” - WW Member Jennifer

“The togetherness and unity of the group, the support and backing we have for each other, the leadership and mentorship we have not only from Cass, but from each other is something I've never seen in any workshop I've ever been in (and there's been a few). We really are a team! - WW Member Chris

“I have not attended a workshop with such great support in my 10 year WW journey! I can honestly say that Cassandra runs a fantastic workshop. She is genuine and helpful and really keeps everyone included. All the members are incredible for helping, supporting and cheering one and other on!” - WW Member Jamie

“Because we are FABULOUS, our coach is FABULOUS and we have the most laughs! Cassandra makes us feel confident to share and she is a great communicator. We are open and honest to the point where we literally talk about anything and everything. I think that that's what you need on a weight loss/feel good journey. You need your people around you and these are my people. We are each other's people. Ours is an online peer group with people from across Australia and NZ.” - WW Member Helen

“Cassandra is an amazing coach. She is inspiring and motivational. Even when it’s obvious that there may be struggles from our peers on particular nights, Cass is always there to remind us of the positives and put a positive spin on it. Cass is always glass half full and consistently promotes a growth mindset. The 30’s group is spread far and wide geographically and are from a variety of places across Aus and NZ. But that doesn’t prevent this amazing group from being supportive, committed and steadfast to each other’s goals, achievements and overall wellbeing.” - WW Member Rebecca

“My coach Cassandra is inspiring because she is REAL. She is living the lifestyle we do, especially as a mum. She is so supportive, funny, warm and downright a legend. Cass has picked me up many times when I found the journey too hard. She honestly has such a big heart and cares about every single person's achievements and challenges. Plus she has the best memory for goals we set and moments when we have something to be proud of. This workshop has become my WW family. I genuinely look forward to each Wednesday’s virtual meeting and in close to a year have only missed two. Everyone is supportive, kind and all round nice people. Cassandra has fostered an environment of openness and honesty which in turn has solidified bonds within the group. I have made true connections to other WW members, we lift each other up, we are there through the struggles and we have the best laughs, all with the common goal of being better versions of ourselves. This workshop deserves the crown in my eyes because without it I would not have been held accountable and would not value my own progress as much as I do now having the workshops backing.” - WW Member Lisa