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“I love how comfortable I feel on PersonalPoints”

Carolyn is down 18kg and has found a program that’s just for her!
Published 4 January 2022

Carolyn reached her goal weight in 18 months after she joined WW in 2004, but after surgery and some broken bones kept her off her feet years later, some of the weight crept back on. Struggling to shift it ever since, everything changed a few months ago when she discovered PersonalPoints which helped her lose 4.1kg! Now, she’s lost 18kg in total and she's well on her way back to goal!

Carolyn's ‘why’

“I originally joined WW to get ‘me’ back. I’d gained quite a lot of weight due to a medical condition and then the medication I was on saw me gain even more. Once the condition was under control, I struggled to lose any of it. I lost all my self-confidence and was tired of hiding myself away. There was a WW Workshop near me and I finally worked up the courage to join in. I went to WW to get me back – and I did.”

Carolyn before and after