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“I’m being rewarded for doing things that are good for me.”

Having lost weight on the previous WW program, Brian wasn’t sure what a new program would mean for his journey. Now, having achieved 8kg of his 28kg weight loss after 10 weeks on WW PersonalPoints, he’s well and truly a convert!
Published 10 November 2021

Brian’s “why”

“My wife Hannah and I want to start a family so when she joined WW to improve her health, I decided to, too. Over time I’ve stuck with the program, both to support her and because I want to continue my own health journey. Doing WW together has made it a really rewarding experience.”

Q&A with Brian

What has following the PersonalPoints Program been like for you?

“When I joined WW in early 2021, I was on the Green food plan. I grew to love it – it worked really well for me and, with quite a small list of ZeroPoint foods, I thrived on the accountability it delivered. The great thing about the PersonalPoints Program is that I’ve been able to customise it to be as close to the Green food plan as possible, which has made it really easy to follow and stick to.”

So, what are your ZeroPoint foods?

“I’ve stuck purely to fruit and vegetables in order to keep things as similar as possible to the Green food plan. That said though, knowing that I can change my ZeroPoint foods at any time if I want or need to change things up provides a great sense of freedom, which is really reassuring.”

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Any advice for members transitioning to PersonalPoints?

“Enjoy it. It took me a little while to work out what had and hadn’t changed and to become familiar with how some foods have changed in terms of their Points – some are lower some are higher. It’s actually been really fun to scan things at the supermarket using my WW app to learn what the new lower Points options are. So my best advice is exactly that – keep scanning things and really build your eating habits as you settle into the program.”

What’s your favourite feature of the new program?

“There are a few different things, but the biggest and best change by far for me is the fact that you can grow your Points for making healthy choices. I mean, how good is being able to go for a walk and add some Points? It’s great. And it really feels like I’m being rewarded for doing things that are good for me.”

What has WW given you?

“I feel much more confident in my appearance these days. I’ve had to buy new clothes which, while an expense, has been super rewarding so I’m not complaining! I don’t worry so much about how other people see me anymore.”