"I've broke my emotional eating cycle and lost 33kg"

Alex learned how to break her emotional eating habits and how to prioritise her health. She's lost 33kg over 12 months.
Published 30 November 2021

Alex's why

"I have always been an emotional eater and used food to help me feel better when I was down, give me energy when I was tired, and celebrate with when I was happy - really any emotion was met with a corresponding food indulgence!"

My turning point was a bushwalk with my kids

I knew that my weight was an issue but the day to day busyness of family life and working left me feeling that I didn’t have time to invest in my health.

My turning point was a bush walk with my husband and three girls that I struggled to complete. We love bushwalking as a family and they all completed the walk without difficulty while I was almost collapsing by the end! Having my 4 year old hold my hand on the way back to the car because she was so worried about me was a real low point and the wake up call I needed."

Planning and tracking my meals really helped me gained control

I joined WW and now I've learned to take the time to prioritise my health with weekly meal planing and daily tracking. I no longer use my emotions or busy life as excuses to not put in the time to value myself and my health.

My husband has joined me on WW and I love knowing that we are a team on this journey. His encouragement and support has been invaluable. We now look for ways to increase our activity and our girls love all the family time we’re spending outdoors.

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I'm happy to be a healthy role model to my girls

I’m proud that I’m now a happier and healthier role model for my girls. We now have lots of discussions as a family about healthy foods, exercise and how important our overall health is.

My advice is to celebrate the small wins

My favourite quote is “Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase”. At times the distance I need to travel to get to a healthy weight seems overwhelming so I choose to focus instead on smaller goals. Things such as 5kg losses, a weekly weigh in gone well, a Blue Dot day or even a healthy food decision are all causes for celebration for me.

I’m also a big fan of non-scale victories, or NSV - examples could include dropping a dress size, achieving an activity goal or feeling confident to get a photo taken are all things worth celebrating and remind us that we’re getting healthier every day.