Green vegetable recipes

Green vegetable recipes

Go for greens with these healthy spring seasonal ingredients.

Green vegies are great source of  B vitamin and folate. They are packed with vitamin A, iron, calcium plus antioxidants to help boost your health. Make the most of seasonal greens by adding them to your weekly meals with these healthy ideas.

3 reasons to  go for greens

1. Asparagus contains B & C group vitamins, plus potassium for healthy blood pressure. Check out our tips for buy, storing and cooking with asparagus > 

2. Peas are packed with dietary fibre and vitamin K to to for your blood and bone health. Check out our recipe for Garlicky roast chicken with crushed lemon peas > 

3. Baby spinach is filled with folate for heart health and  can assist infant development during pregnancy. Try our  Sweet potato, spinach and chickpea Buddha bowls >