Mug muffins and family classics. 51 top recipes of 2021 tracked by you!

WW members turned to these recipes again and again this year, and it’s clear why they’re winners: They’re delicious, yes, but also beyond easy to make.
Published 11 January 2022

After spending more time in the kitchen at the start of the pandemic (who remembers all of that banana bread?), it’s no surprise that 2021 was the year of quick-to-make meals. The super simple TikTok pasta was the top-trending recipe on Google, and in the WW world, members also leaned into fuss-free but filling meals.

“Many of this year’s top tracked recipes are classic basics that take little meal prep,” says Leslie Fink, WW's global recipe editor and nutritionist. The ever-popular mug muffin made famous by Anna Van Dyken was the ultimate member fave. And turns out we’re still making that banana bread! Check out the full list of WW’s top-tracked recipes of 2021 below.