9 Christmas breakfasts for a delicious start to the day

Start Christmas Day with a special brekkie that'll wow your family and have you powering through the day's festivities.

You don't have to wait for Christmas lunch to enjoy delicious food. Kickstart Christmas Day with these breakfast ideas!


5 ways to make festive breakfasts

  1. Create gingerbread pancakes by adding spices like ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to your batter. Top with fresh ZeroPoint berries which are in season.
  2. Make a homemade granola and add your favourite festive spices and orange zest. Make an extra batch for a homemade Christmas gift. Pop your muesli into mini mason jars and tie with a festive ribbon.
  3. Mould pancakes into shapes like Santa, reindeer or a snowman. Best of all you can whip up a simple 2 ingredient pancake batter using bananas and eggs.
  4. Lay your fruit platter out in a festive wreath or tree shape. It's a simple way to add a Christmas touch to breakfast.
  5. Think Christmas colours. Add some baby spinach, cherry tomatoes or capsicum to your scrambled eggs for 0 SmartPoints.


0 SmartPoints fruit salad breakfast


Want to save your SmartPoints Budget for Christmas ham, turkey or pudding? Enjoy a ZeroPoint fruit salad celebrating all the beautiful fruit in season this time of year. Think strawberries, blueberries, passionfruit, cherries, mangos, grapes—the list is endless! Make a simple syrup with lime, fresh mint and coconut water to take your fruit salad to the next level.