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Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is a great way to commit to your weight-loss success. When you sign-up for Group Coaching Plans you pay for your meeting fees one month at a time. With one low monthly fee you get unlimited consultations each month and access to our online weight-loss companion that has interactive tools, tips and recipes that help you stay on track.

Join Today. Select Plan and Pricing Options.

Log in to Weight Watchers Account  with the user name and password you have setup when you signed up for Group Coaching to access the online tools.  Or, Access your Weight Watchers account with Facebook by entering your Weight Watchers user name and password below. Then, select "Log in with Facebook" to connect your accounts.

We recommend starting with a visit to The Plan section for information you need about every phase of weight loss, in addition to an overview on using the site. It's also a great idea to launch the Plan Manager to track you last meal or plan your next.

Activate my Group Coaching Account
You must activate your account within 7 days of purchase using the access code.


What should I do if I lose my Membership card?
If you have lost your Membership card, please speak to a coach at your next group consultation.
Or contact our customer service team.

What do I get with Group Coaching:

  • Unlimited coaching sessions
  • Confidential weigh-ins
  • Take home Weekly Guides and meal plan material when you attend a coaching session
  • Our Meal Planning tools allow you to personalise Your Way program to fits you and your lifestyle
  • Over 4,000 recipes and meal ideas to keep you on track
  • Access to program guides, cooking and workouts videos via Weight Watchers apps and website
  • Chat live with a coach 7 days a week via WW apps and website in real time
  • Sync your Fitness tracker with WW apps to track your daily activity

What do I get with Weight Watchers apps:

  • My Day – View your activity dashboard and get recipes inspiration
  • My Journey – Get workout tips and track of your weight progress
  • My Foods – Access to over 4,000 recipes and meals ideas or create your own recipes
  • Barcode Scanner – Scan barcodes to quickly track grocery items
  • Real Time Coaching – Chat to a coach 7 days a week in real time
  • Connect with members - Inspire other members your success
Online Coaching

What is the cost of Online Coaching?
Online Coaching has 3 payment options: 1-month, 6-months and 12-months. See plans and pricing options.

What information and tools can I access with a Online Coaching subscription?
Online Coaching is our 100% internet-based product for those interested in a self-directed approach to weight loss. Our online weight-loss resources can help you manage your food and exercise, make better, satisfying food choices, and create a personalised powerful plan that fits you and your lifestyle.

What do I get with Online Coaching:

  • Weight Tracker – Keep track of your weight-loss success
  • Recipes – Access to over 4,000 meals and recipes + cooking videos
  • Support - Support with Online Program guides, tools and video tutorials
  • Barcode Scanner – Scan barcodes to quickly track grocery items
  • Tracking tools – Access to digital tools and full access to Weight Watchers Apps
  • LiveChat Support - Access to a coach 7 days a week via online and Weight Watchers Apps

Do I get Weight Watchers printed materials with my Online Coaching account?

A subscription to Online Coaching does not include any hard-copy printed program materials. Online Coaching is 100% Internet based. Everything you need to follow our plans is available on the website.

You can also chart your progress online and see your rewards as you go with the online Weight Tracker. For both approaches online you’ll find tools, tips, recipes, and the essentials you need to stick to the plan and stay in control.

Online Coaching Subscribers can purchase food products, electronics, plus many other valuable items directly from our website that can help you meet your weight-loss goals.

Program materials cannot be purchased online. Only Group Coaching members are eligible to receive program materials as part of their membership.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

To reactivate your subscription, go to the Homepage and log in with the username and password associated with your cancelled account.

Online Coaching subscribers click the Sign up now link located on the homepage.

Fill out the required data and confirm the pre-populated information linked to your account and be sure that your account information is correct. Follow the rest of the sign-up process to reactivate your account.


Phone Coaching

What is Phone Coaching and how can I join?

When you sign up to Phone Coaching 3 month plan, you will get full access to our full suite mobile app and tracking tools, 7 days a week LiveChat support from coaches and a weekly 15 minute coaching sessions, to share our weight loss smarts, and personalised support and encouragement. with a coach for the duration of the 3 month plan. Click here to sign up to Phone Coaching. 

What kind of support do I receive with the Phone Coaching program?

- Weekly 15 minutes phone consultation with a coach.
- 7 days a week LiveChat support from coaches, 8am to 8pm. 

Can I do maintenance and become a lifetime member?

Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership is only applicable for Group Coaching and 1 On 1 Coaching members.

If you are a Phone Coaching member close to achieving your Goal Weight and wanting to complete the Maintenance Program - please do not hesitate to contact the Phone Coaching team, who will organise for the required Maintenance Program Material to be sent to you at your convenience.

Simply visit us on LiveChat on our website (during business hours), or contact our customer service team:
- Australian resident, please call 13 19 97

- New Zealand resident, please call 0800 009 009

Can I attend meetings if I join the Phone Coaching program?

If you wish to attend further meetings, you will be required to pay any associated fees - as you will need to become a registered Phone Group Coaching member.Click here to find out more


Lifetime Membership

How do I achieve Lifetime membership status?
Lifetime membership is a perfect way to continue to benefit from the support and inspiration of Weight Watchers meetings for life.

To become a lifetime member you will need to:

Join Weight Watchers meetings
Get to your goal weight within your healthy weight range
Complete the six-week Maintenance program
Be within 2 kilograms of goal weight or lower by the end of your maintenance program

Weight Watchers will then award you Lifetime membership status.
This means:

You never have to pay a registration fee again.
You do not have to pay a weekly meetings fee, provided you are no more than 2 kg either side your goal weight.
10% discount off all in-meeting products such as Weight Watchers cookbooks and snacks.

Please note, Online Coaching subscribers are not eligible for Lifetime membership status.

What are the benefits of Lifetime Membership?
You will never pay a meeting registration fee again.
Attend a free meeting every month at any Group Coaching meeting as long as you are within 2 kg of your goal weight and attend a meeting once a month.
10% discount off all in-meeting products such as Weight Watchers cookbooks and foods.

I have lost my Lifetime Member number, how can I find out what it is?
To find out your Lifetime member number you can ask your meeting Coach to submit a request for you or call our Customer Service Centre.
13 19 97 (Australia)
0800 009 009 (New Zealand)

Does my Lifetime Membership ever expire?
No. Your lifetime membership will never expire. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of lifetime membership for life! 

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