Fitness Tips & Workout Guides | WW Australia

Move more and enjoy getting active

We encourage you to move more each day - and we’ll meet you where you are, no matter your current activity level.

Workout your way

On the myWW+ program will help you feel stronger, more powerful, and proud of what your body can do. Anything that gets you moving more will do great things for your health, mood and wellbeing. Plus, when you enjoy what you're doing; adding physical activity to your day becomes natural.

Earn FitPoints for the activity you do

We’ve gone beyond counting steps, distance and workout time. FitPoints 2.0 is smarter and more personalised, taking into account your age, gender, height and weight. Choose activities you like to do and earn more FitPoints for strength training or higher-intensity activities like running or HIIT training. Perfect for those who are short on time!

Online community

Join a fitness group in our member community to help keep you motivated and inspired.

Sync your fitness device

Connect your activity tracker to the WW app and earn and track FitPoints all day.

Guided workouts right in your app

We’ve partnered with Aaptiv to create exclusive audio workouts for WW members straight from the WW app. Aaptiv’s upbeat expert trainers will guide you through training sessions for every level. Choose workouts based on your activity goals and how much time you have (many take less than 15 minutes) and enjoy earning FitPoints!^

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^Headspace and Aaptiv are not supported by iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPad 4th Generation running on iOS 10.3.3 (32-bit)